• The London Courier Emergency Fund is now up and running in an unofficial capacity.There will be a website,posters and flyers will be given out to all of London's cycle-couriers in the very near future.This is a result of all the recent fundraising and donations made by couriers and non-couriers alike.If anyone needs to contact us leave a post here and we will respond.
  • Long live the LCEF!!
  • It was good to see something productive being created that will benefit the community as a whole.
  • Caspar is dead. Long live overdrivehumperdinkle. John can you ask warricle if i can have my job back he is not responding. Long live speedfast
  • *claps*

    good job people :bigsmile:
  • Oi Bill.........check out the lcef group you created... see if you can use any of those pics, in the profile.
  • Can't get to facebook right now. Will check it later.
  • LCEF website is updated.
  • Overdrive's birthday on 13th May. I shall be donating my brother's birthday present this year to the LCEF. Look forward to supporting the Fund in the future.
  • Aw lovely.Cheers sis.
  • I hope it's an extra special present. He will be 50, after all.
  • He's telling you fibs. He's 55! How do I get monies to LCEF?
  • Send it to me I'll sort it cheers.
  • Head over to the LCEF site for updates on recent goings on..
  • Just got this email:

    "reg hall, 07858150656, email:
    working at cds 02076315454
    has requested assistance from the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund.

    Please investigate this injury and reply back to

    Reference trouble ticket BMEF-080822.134

    Please visit this person and see if they can work or not.

    Remember this money from the BMEF is for food and medicine. It is for people who can't work and will be in a recovery mode for their injuries for at least a month.

    Further info can be located at:
    All memberships and donations can be written off of your taxes for donating to a 501 c3 public charity
    Donations can be made at:

    Thank you,

    Investigator for the BMEF"

    Do one of you guys want to take this up?
  • The BMEF has an investigator?Mmmm....
    Private Investigator Overdrive.
    LIKe the sound of that.
  • ha ha any excuse to wear a dirty rain coat eh john ??? ha ha
  • It really is me signed on as investigator. I'm sure everyone knows by now that the real investigators are the friends and co workers of messengers in the street. The ones that care about helping. I'm still trying to help the community through the BMEF.
    Jean Andre Vallery
  • Great move people we all need help at some point, any meetings i could hook up with id like to help, i dont have alot of cash but ill promote all ya like
  • Like this sounds.
  • get a fuckin horse

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