2 London bicycle messengers seriously injured by lorries in the same day...
  • Don't know the guy's name, but got multiple reports that the fella who used to ride a Raleigh Bomber was run over this am by a lorry, possibly an M & S branded HGV.

    His legs were crushed, but not said to be in mortal danger.

    These are all 2nd hand accounts. Would welcome more accurate eye-witness accounts, and details of his name and the company he worked for.
  • Hey Bill I hope they're wrong but two people have said the guy died.
  • Again 2nd hand account.
    Riders name Effri, possibly works for Rueters, huge cow horn bars and big afro.
    I've heard 2 versions of the story from different people.
  • Yeah, I heard that he was dead, but then I heard later that he was not. If he's a RB rider, then I think I should be able to get the real story in a tick.
  • Definitely not a Reuters Brooks rider! Spoke to one of the controllers just now.

    Lots of rumours, no hard facts so far.
  • not sure of his name, but he aint dead, fucked up leg but nothing life threatning. i think he is in whitechapel hospital.
  • Cheers!

    Effri (sp?) works at Destinations. Not dead, but seriously injured.
  • Sorry to hear this! What time did it happen? I did a few drop-offs in that area today... didn't see or hear anything...

    Best of luck to him...
  • shit that's fucking awful, I seen that dude about, proper nice bloke. Hope reports of his injury have been greatly exagerated, but sounds bad.
  • if it is effri thats a terrible coincedence as i too was hit and had my leg crushed by a lorry yesterday,got away with it big time and just suffered
    a couple of brakes on my foot.

    REDRUN!!!! whats going on mate? hope ur doing well and recover soon.

    nice one ,dan
  • if its still not confermed if it is really effri or just me, i work for city sprint and im just in hospital at the mo using there ultra slow tinternet lol.
  • at our forum the dutch messengers were already in shock over the chicago guy's death. be carefull and get well soon.
  • Chewy - is that your IRO on essex road then? get well soon.
  • yep lol do you think i can repair it hahaha
  • i spoke to some of the guys who plot up in wood st before an they say e,frame had surgery last night. i,ll let u know when i know more. get well soon chewy!
  • 2 London cycle couriers run over by lorries IN THE SAME DAY?

    Thank god you are both still alive....
  • herehere. take care everyone.

    chewy - i reckon you should frame it or something...

    (no pun intended.... hang it on a wall though, fucking cool souvenir)
  • I just posted claims for both these guys to the BMEF.
  • still think they need to look at the hgv in c/london. small streets big trucks lots of cyclists and ting it dont quite go together know wot i mean?
  • trusay, next round of letters to figures of authority? we should all follow bill's example, what with elections etc. it might get a bit more notive than usual.But i spose there's always something ready and waiting to run us down. anyone heard anymore about effri?
  • no news as yet! hope he is good, he is a rite nice fella.
  • Daniel,

    It looks like Harry sat on your IRO. :D

    Heal up soon, mate.
  • OMG i didnt think it was that bad christ!!!! thanks to all who were wondering the f happened on london fixed gear really didnt expect that and has made me laugh alot XD. still no news on eff, thats really sad and hope to see himin the near future(it was only a week ago that we were both talking about road safety on the wood)get well soon mate.

  • just saw them pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a mess. dont know what else to say.
  • As far as I know E legs are gone and on Tue there was still no chance of seeing him. Apparently doctors are saying that he will make it just fine, but will never ride again. Very sad day for all of us and news crushed me totally. Hope he will get better very soon.
  • Oh shit.:cry::cry::cry:
  • Shit - that's totally fucked up. Is effri the guy who rides a gold pursuit frame and used to ride an old battered blue raleigh?
  • this is absolutely fucking awful.
  • poor fella, I wish him all the best in his recovery.
  • wish you both a speedy recovery.
  • Not sure if I know Chewy but Effri is a DUDE. So sorry to hear about this. Get well soon guys
  • Ok, who thinks it would be a good idea to set up a paypal account so that people can donate to these two guys?

    It was suggested to me today.
  • We've still got the money from last year London pre-events and we've agreed that it should go to these two guys. Not sure exactly how much we got...Creative john's in charge of the cash..as soon as he get back to us, we can get in touch with Chewy and Effri...looks like they will be off for a while so i'm sure any other donations will be welcomed...all the best to you guys and get well soon.

    And also a COA fund is in place at Citysprint for Chewy so give your COA away....
  • re. paypal yeah lets do it. dont know nuffin bout setting up such things tho...
  • @ papillon

    That is good news. Respect to all at cs. And even more resp to the London's Calling crew.
  • @ jonty ponty

    I'll do it. 2moro.
  • @ Bill
    You probably know the logistics and/or company attitude better than I, do you think there's any chance of setting up a coa fund at creative?
  • Not sure I should post this as it's second hand info and I don't want to add confusion to rumour but just talked to someone who went to see E after work on Tues- got as far as his bedside but he was still asleep and talked to the nurse looking after him apparently he should keep his legs but he's going to be in there for a LONG time. He was in surgery for 12 hours.
  • hope that's the case. really fuckin hope thats the case. alll love and thoughts, anythin that could help him post here x
  • Best wishes to both of them....paypal account sounds like a great idea.
  • OK, i'll do it today.

    One thing worth remembering about paypal is that it costs money. Better to keep as much as poss in cash.
  • thats a sad day, glad your doing good chewy

    thoughts with effri for a speedy and fully recovery

    if you guys do a pp let me know as there is a big ocean between my cash and you lot.
  • Niki K was at the hospital today and saw Effri. Says he was in good spirits, and will be out next Tuesday. Good news!

    Chewy is supposed to be down the Snow tonight, too!

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