erectile dysfunction.. saddle induced limp dick
  • Ok has anyone suffered from saddle induced erectile dysfunction.... or even numbness in your nads and /or cock.

    there is a buzz on the internet that riding a bike knackers your dick

    true or false?


  • i think mine just didn't work from the start.

    as for the internet i wouldn't trust it. there's always some piece of research that proves something one week and then the next week more research proves the opposite.
  • that is some limp dick shit
  • Been riding bikes for at least 30 years, Terry saddles seem to do the trick. 2 fine daughter's in 3 years.
    Carbon blade saddles are perhaps not such a good idea, if you want to start a family.
  • even this thin blade myth.... I have never heard of numb cock.. ever.

    sore arse yes....

    ok has anyone heard first hand ie KNOW SOMEONE directly who has ever complained of numb cock from riding a bike?

  • I've had numb bits after a race, but not erectile dysfunction. Cured by getting a split saddle and exposure to naked women after riding. They were touching my jet pack. OH YEAH - zap.
  • One of the most impotent things to remember is that if you have a medical problem you should see a medical professional.
  • pun or freudian slip?

  • freudian tit?
  • Dont be so hard-on him.Ahem.
  • "freudian tit?"

    In answering that I would say yes.

  • no limp dick, but a crushed lymph gland (well this is what the early diagnosis seemed to suggest, but I have to have a scan to fully establish the cause of the problem)

    All thanks to a Turbo saddle. horrible 80s thing which i only used coz it was white.

    Anyone ever sat on their nuts?
    I did once.
    That brought a tear to my eye.
  • I give my 'stem' a quick rub down before each ride.
  • About four or five years ago I developed a testicular cyst which was non-cancerous, it happened because my epididymis (look it up) on the right side got knotted up and turned into this solid hard black lump of blood, tissue, whatever. Doctor said that this was possibly from years of cycling with a crap saddle, after he asked me a few questions about my lifestyle etc. Got it removed about two years ago when it grew to nearly the same size as a testicle, fuckin horrible surgery. Now I always buy nice wide gel saddles with a gap in the middle, even if they look crap.
    It isnt causing erectile dysfunction per se, but even now sometimes if a woman is on top during sex and bouncing a bit hard, it causes me some discomfort where I was cut open, and this pain obviously isnt erotic in any way... be warned!
  • F**king hell!!!!!
  • I tried a saddle with the split channel down the middle, I found it didn't make a vas deference.
  • I think the best is pay attention on how you ride, if you ride a fixie you will be more time on the saddle, so you'll need a saddle well fitted to your body.
    I found that for me is better with the front a bit lower, it helps to take pressure off my balls.
  • I don't understand how you can get pressure on your dick or balls..... your sit bones in your arse take the weight.. i sppose you could get some friction thing from your clothes?


    did your bollocks come into contact with the saddle or was it rubbing on your inner thigh/clothing?

  • depending on the position on the saddle, if you are more up right in a position of touring your balls will be ok.
    But if you arein a race position, there will be more pressure yes! (specially on the cannal)
  • Hey Wagner, did you ever get that seat post out of your tube (canal)?

  • Not yet J-P! the hacksaw i had was shit, got a new one yesterday, i think i'll finish the job today.(wih luck)
  • B,

    not only have I never suffered from this problem (at least not as the result of riding - ;-) ), I have never met anyone who has either.

    The cycling causes limp cock story resurfaces every year. I think it's made up by doctors who have been cuckolded by cyclists.
  • No it really happens - try riding on the drops :middlefinger:. I think for some people, if they rotate their pelvis forward when riding - it can put too much pressure on the perineum and cut off blood flow to your ding-a-ling. This and having a saddle that doesn't support your sit bones. Specialized ToupĂ© works for me.
  • I had my fleshy perineum replaced with iron and found by using an iron saddle i am able to ride 200 miles a day with no soreness. KaBoom a rocket is fired from one of Zack's rocket launcher arms on a direct course for a small controllers office somewhere on Berwick st W1.
  • Boom. Good call Zack. I took the precaution of installing a removable (threaded - titanium) set of cock and balls. Very handy for weight reduction when racing and also wicked for when out socializing when used in conjunction with carbon-fibre bladder. Simply unscrew, pop into custom-made leather 'kit-bag' and hand to whichever kind soul is off t't lav and they can just pour out contents at their leisure. Comes with mains plug-in for those times when you're a bit sleepy and a service is demanded 'by a lady' .

    Also available;

    Tazer 'pedestrian' eyes - 50,000v/short range solution (low risk of fatality)
    Flamethrower fingers
    Taxi driver witty put-down generator 2.0 (download only)
    Chrome bladder extension pack
    Telescopic fakenger goggles
  • From a personal experience I've tried a lot of the pills that are out there for getting it hard. Most of the natural products I tried were crap but one worked for me and I've been using it ever since. It's called Virection.
  • impotence is the best contraceptive.
  • But the least fun
  • I know of 3 long-time Dublin Messengers who are now fathers or fathers to be (myself included!)... we all thought our junk might be broken, but there ya go!
  • This is interesting because I have read about similar case with cyclists and bikers. Erectile dysfunction induced by saddle would be physiological in nature meaning it can be cured with a penis pump: . 70% of all ED is physiological with the other 30% being psychological. I don't think that the saddle is much of a threat as the ED that it causes is particularly easy to treat. As always, see a family doctor or Urologist before starting treatment!
  • nightwolfy would a bike pump work? Maybe im using the wrong valve.
  • I think it's not true.I used to ride bike daily and i never experience this type of problem.For more information you may visit
  • I think you have to try ..It is best FDA approved medication..

    Sophia smith
  • Yawn. Here we go again. Only reply to this if you got a limp dick. And before you say it..
  • Yes riding a bike knackers your dick. Male Aging Study and demonstrated that when compared to
    the general male population, cyclists were half as likely to suffer severe
    impotence and 1/3 as likely to suffer any form of impotence.

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