Emily Chapell
  • She's more of a man then you'll ever be and more of a women then you'll ever get. After a brief visit to Darwin's with Emily I was reminded of that line I'm paraphrasing from the classic 70's film "Carwash"
  • This post needs a music video one that invokes the Darwin's essence if you will. Loved you thou it couldn't show uh hah.
    and after we left Darwin's we shared a cab.
    and we had the best cab driver in Anchorage. Matt Durbin a cab driver with a bike messenger soul, he drives for Checker, ask for him by name and tip well.
  • All us Alaskans we are concerned. The mere thought of trying to ride from Anchorage to
    Seattle at this of year it's enough to make us soil ourselves.

  • Points for the Carwash quote!
  • Just glad to see I'm not the only one who still takes a glance at this thing
  • I think it's just you and me...
  • And neither one of us lives in London. And there was something very profound that I wanted to say but it's late and I tire and I forgot, good night enjoy the veal and tip your waitress
  • In case you didn't see it yet, Emily has blogged you: http://thatemilychappell.com/2015/01/welcomed-to-anchorage/
  • Yeah, saw that and she described me as fatherly and for a moment that made me feel old, but I'm okay with that.....
  • Back to Emily, she makes it past Tok she will be a hero in my eyes and she should be a hero in your eyes too.
  • Yeah... but she still owes me a drink.
  • Well we all owe you a drink in heaven or better yet if you can make Maui in March you drink for free. Don't have the dates yet but I think a twenty is on the calender.
  • Fuck it any of you Brit Basterds make it to Maui while I'm there I got your drinks
  • I think it'll be around the 20th. Truth be told I got money in my pocket I'll buy any messenger a beer anywhere.
  • Yeah sorry about the sexist video but as a Scotch-Irish son of the south.
    Happy Saint Pat's
  • Jeepers, two borderline offensive posts, no reaction? I think it is just me and Zero C.C. still reading this
  • I pop in once a month to see what you've been drinking Kirk...
  • Silver Gulch Pilsner out of Fairbanks and Pendolton Whiskey out of Canada, It used to be Jameison's but the Rep's cornered me one night. A couple day's ago one of the bartenders at Darwin's shed this mortal coil and to turn this trainwreck around when I informed Emilley about it She proved herself to be one class broad (To old farts like me that is a compliment of the highest order and not the least bit sexist, deal with it, ) So, raise a glass to Barbra Jean and Em and all the high class broads like them because they make us better men and women for knowing them.
  • On the Jack and Coke right now. Cheers y'self.
  • I assume that's "Jack Daniels" and coke, you've got to give it to their sales people, shit everywhere and most likely the best buy in the shop. That's why Lemmi drank it.
  • As no one reads this anymore here's a video that should piss someone off
    Heck that almost offended me, had to take it down,for decency.
  • drinking just a tad

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