London Calling?
  • How'd it go? Hope everyone had a good time. I was going but to make a very long story short and to paraphrase an old American T.V. show (Get Smart) "Missed it by that (holding thumb and forefinger a 1/4 inch apart) much." Fucking Alaska Airlines, whine grumble and bitch and moan.........
  • Hey Kirk,here's some pics taken during the main race.....
  • Thanks, I'll have to take a glance at them when I'm more sober. The fucked up part I could have gotten a flight going there that was so sweet I would have done it just for the plane ride. Coming back when I would be at my weakest nothing but hell flights.
  • Now that I've seen the pictures, two thoughts. My fat ass would have been just funny and weird in the racer portraits. The other, it might have been worth the hell flight back. BTW if you're looking for an award ticket for a messenger event try to get the nice shit (business/first) on the way back as that's when you really need the ass-kissing and not worrying about having enough on the card for drinks and food on the plane and the lounge to keep you out of the airport bars.

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