Things I need to get rid of and would rather you guys have...
  • Me and Crissi have had a bit of a clear out and we've decided to offer up the following things on here. We'd rather they go to people from the messenger community, although if there's no intrest we might be forced to stick em up on LFGSS... But I'd rather give you lot the first refusel and things have been priced accordingly. Obviously very open to offers.

    Probably more will be added soon...

    Bike Parts
    Shimano 600 pedals. Come with toe clips, bit scratched £10

    Cycling gear
    S/S Metro Jersey-Size 4. Lime green, red and black.. I don't know who remembers these but you'd have to be brave to actually pull it off... or actually work for the company... £5
    Metro shorts- Size L. Black with Metro logos. No Bibs and Old Fashioned pad. £5 for the pair (1 is very good condition, the other a little more worn)
    Metro tights- Size L. Metro logos. No Bibs and Old Fashioned pad. Worn but still very warm . £3

    Or £10 for the lot

    All of these are road shoes and would be best suited for use with clips and straps so would make an ideal secret weapon for roller racing. Not suitable for work use.
    Adidas Eddy Merkcx- Size 8 and Size .Black with red detailing and white stripes. Both well used but clean and in good condition. Fitted with cleats. £15 a pair
    Adidas Blue with yellow and black detailing and hidden laces and straps. Very good condition. Stiff as fuck. £10

    Other Gear
    Under the weather Hip pouch. Made in Toronto. Brown Coddura with blue lining. Still waterproof, I belive? Pouch is well used and has been restitched on both ends. It has velcro fastening but no clip. Very Large, used to carry a regular and a supersize A-Z in it, plus other crap. £5

    Reload . Very Large, but very... traditional? Black Canvas with grey piping and red stiching and silver reflective. Tarp lining and internal pockets. In all honesty, Pac, freight baggage and some of the others out there make better bags and I would save this is dated. However it was waterproof on all but the worst days. Would make a great bag for weekends/ messenger events. £70
  • I'll have the hip pouch just as an excuse to see you.
  • I'll take the Metro shorts,I'll give bum the cash.

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