Alleycat 31st May!
  • Yes,London couriers still race alleycats!There hasn't been one for while,think this is the first one this year,this will be a very special fundraiser.It'll be old school,point to point with an awesome prize fund,sponsored by Condor,Oak frames,Kinoko,House of Pistard,Fullcity and the LCEF.There will be flyers given out to every rider we see working over the next couple of weeks.
    See you on the road man!
  • Spammed.
  • Thomas Sabo is racing.
  • Courierism..
  • Had to go back 11 pages to dig this thread up.
  • All action non arse squirt trousers for the special man.Good for your wife too.Release tension with affordable ankle bangers also.Race the moon against Saturn with best shoes.Kebabs.
  • bump btw kids don't do bumps on airplanes, inside joke, tell you about it next time I see you at Darwin's

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