How much do you really make? (Be Honest)
  • Ok, its my first post, I'm a virgin.
    I have tried to set up a forum just to talk about real shit and not the last alley cat in Japan or the new bx23-zzbullshit titanium frame.
    But even with the help of some kind souls (Thanks to the nice French bloke and my beloved computer wizard girlfriend) nothing is happening, so I want to bring the discussion here.

    SO... HOW MUCH DO YOU EARN (or how hard have you been fucked lately)?
    lets break it down like this.

    - How much for minimum?
    - How much for special?
    - Any Bonuses?
    - Do you have a Weekly minimum guarantee?
    - How much do you pay for Equipment rental?
    - How many hours (ie. I do 9am/18pm 45h per week / Lunch Break?/Pause?).
    (dont forget, sometimes you finish 30mn/ 1h after your finishing time)

    - Most Important, How much do you get per week (Average / Bad Week / Good Week)

    - What is your Company?
    - Did your company change your rates (Increase or Decrease)? When?
    Any comment ?

    The earning might differ a lot even in the same company for a lots of reason (you are real good or real lame, your controller love or hate you, etc).

    ANYONE ?
  • Batman is a virgin?...that info must be worth something.
  • Dude, let's have a chat when I see you next. We already know each other on-road. I'll explain a few of the problems with this & why you might not get far with it here.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is just too much. I want to take the piss SO badly but I don't know where to start! Are you a real person? This is surely trolling, right? Keep posting please! Fucking HILARIOUS!
  • I think Zack Speedfast did a Metro job to Thurso once.He didn't say how much it paid but soon after he bought a ladyboy bar in Thailand.
  • I can see there is a lots of Funny characters, and I don't really mind.

    Diabolic seems to get a bait quite easily, Overdrive had my interest up to the chicks with dicks.

    But I'm really happy to have made BUM smile. BUM, if you want to take the piss, don't hesitate please, you might make US smile, frown or make me want to enter in a verbal joust. Share you HILARIOUS thought so we can LOL all together. I'm not sure about trolling because I thought it means annoying people on purpose on the net.

    Sorry if I annoyed anyone, but I just thought an open discussion about what really going on, starting by the money side would be interesting.

    Hearsay aren't really facts and Jokes don't pay the Bills.

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  • The first response is, Why the fuck do YOU want to know this?
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    glorious lies are all you can expect down the road your travelling mon frere

    p.s i'm batman
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  • Well it really isn't hard to figure out that most of us experienced guys at the bigger companies are doing 300-350 on an average week with earnings topping around 450-500 at busier times. Of course during the summer holidays earnings may fall to around 250.

    Thats doing a 9 hour day, from 9am to 6pm. Usually take just a half hour for lunch.

  • wtf is lunch?
  • It's that stuff you put in your month around 9pm...usually comes in a semi solid form, not to be confused with liquids in pint glasses.
  • Well it really isn't hard to figure out that most of us experienced guys at the better companies are doing well enough to avoid purchase cellular phone insurance plan without reading this.

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