city squint;an apology
  • In a moment of obscene desperation I asked a controller at City Squint, whom I'm aquainted with,if it was possible to get a start with them.I explained that I'd posted some nonsense on this forum a while back,on the legendary CS thread,and that it may not have gone down too well at Squint HQ.I got a call a few days later and was told that a big cheese at the firm had read the stuff and wasn't impressed.In fact he was "frosty" on the idea of me riding for them.
    This guy used to post on here and was a bike courier back in the 90's or something.I was also told that another rider,who shall remain nameless,had to post a retraction of the disparaging comments he'd made on the aforementioned CS thread before he could go back there.Pikey Wayne did exactly that.The idea,I suppose,was that if I were to ride for them I'd have to do something similar.I just could'nt bring myself to do it.
    I have been a bit of cunt to some people over the years and there are one or two that I don't care for much but I still retain some fucking integrity.Anyway,had a trawl through the site and found a little gem.

    It's a City Sprint Ting
    Ooh,d'wanna be a high roller?
    Ooh,cuz I'm the controller
    ooh,ooh ba-by
    Ooh,I'll send you down to Bermuda
    I'll be your batty intruder
    ooh,ahh ba-by
    It's a City,it's a city,
    it's a city Sprint ting
    Move your body
    In your blue and white bling
    It's a City,it's a city,
    It's a City Sprint ting
    You make the most
    You are the courier King.

    I'm gonna wear down
    your sprocket
    Put lot's of cash in
    your pocket
    Ooh,yeah baby
    I'll make sure you
    wont get shat on
    By this geezer
    called Pat-ton
    Ooh, now ba-by
  • Shit,forgot to apologise..
  • The flames are reaching he sky. Is the nineties rider"Rentboy" by any chance?
  • I delivered to Selfridges yesterday and the woman who signed off my package was called Ting.
  • Roger that.
  • Fuck 'em! Kevin is a dickless piece of shit anyway. I've got a strong desire to go into cs with a pump action fuck-you gun. Hi Kevin! *bang!*There goes your dick! *bang* There goes your balls, oh wait you never had any you scumsucking motherfucking pussy piece of shit. Couldn't even come face me. Oh if you can read this I will never retract it for you shitstains!
  • Fookin' 'ell.
  • An interesting opinion Mr LookCunt, I do not believe your post will stand the test of time but I will however say this.

    In love with Justyna and mistakenly believeing that she was my girlfriend (I was in fact being chronically dicked-around by her but that is another story), the afore-said "courier legend" first tried to fire me and then tried to get me beaten-up by No-Teeth Adam.
  • Captain, it's mighty sexist of you to assume Lookcunt is a male.
    I guess City Sprint might not be the best place to work.
  • Ooooh motherfucker. Who is No-Teeth Adam?
  • they dont who i am and i once removed all the rider job sheets from the rider job sheet box when i worked there. fuck em, and Paris is a cunt cos he gave me two oversized citysquint shirts that well never fitted.
    Never got kevins accent fucking english prick.
  • "i once removed all the rider job sheets from the rider job sheet box when i worked there. fuck em,"

    Hit 'em where it hurts...
  • @Kirk

    You are right, it was mighty sexist of me and I should be spanked.
    However, I did once have a primary school teacher called Mrs LookCunt and it couldn`t have been her as she was already very old and smelled of wee. I think the story was that her husband was a gynaecologist.
  • I hear that once Kev said something so unbelieveably smug that all Lee`s hair fell out.
  • I would DEFINITELY have sex with any citysprint controller.
  • Sorry, not sex - drinks.
  • Except for Kevin.

  • Welcome to have more fun game waiting for you
  • So did they give you a job Overdribble?
  • I have a job stopping people from slapping your face.

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