XDA screens...
  • So, firstly hello all!

    I have been lurking here for a little and the time has come for my first post...

    I had a little incident that involved my XDA screen and was just wondering how people have dealt with this in the past. Are there any good repair shops? Ever fixed it yourself? Basically how to get my machine up and running again in the my cost effective manner!


  • I'll supply you with the time machine to go back to 2007 when they were modern, serviceable technology, and maybe someone there can deal with it.

    Someone will have a proper suggestion for you, those things break like chalk. I've had my most recent one for three months and it's already on it's way out.
  • Ask your company for a new one.Presumably you're paying them to use it?
  • Won't I be charged vast sums of money??
  • Depends on who you work for I think.Who is it?
  • A company that doesn't maintain a very high reputation on these forums...
  • Courier Systems or City Squint?
  • something like that
  • I know an ex City Squint rider that dropped his XDA down the khazi twice, on two separate occasions but can't remember if he had to pay for them or not.If I were you I'd make up some bollocks about getting knocked off and a car ran over it or something like that.You'd be better off lying to them,they are probably fleecing you and everyone else to high heaven.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks! I think I might have found a potential solution, so if it works out I'll post it.
  • say the last person to sign it dropped it, but make sure that the pick up is the client and not who you saying dropped it otherwise they might want to check with them ;)
    it worked for me.
  • How do you get people to sign your XDA?Feels unprofessional to ask somebody to "use your finger" but I've always lost or broken the stylus.
    First world courier problems.
  • My method:


    Small enough to provide some accuracy, big enough not to lose, cheap enough to replace if you do. For optimum use, take it apart and pull all the ink cartridges out (because some people will try and sign it with ink..)
  • Alternatively, nick a tiny pen out of Argos or a bookies..
  • Or your bike lock key, if all else fails. Not sure whether handing a key attached to a grubby pink RM elastic band is more or less professional than a finger, mind.

    I should really be on circuit by now, shouldn't I..
  • Yeh,you should be.Who do you ride for?Are we acquainted at all?My XDA is pretty crap,I have to sign off a lot of the jobs myself as just at the point where I need to get the addressee to scribble on it it crashes so I end up having to wait for it to come back to life and by that time I've buggered off to the next port of call.
    First world courier problems etc...
  • Fuck the XDA
  • I use my finger, falsify every single sig, I ask their name as I'm walking out the door and usually don't hear, so end up tapping in some approximation of "Jeremiah" or "Sally Anne". No I don't want your surname, we barely know each other and I want to keep it that way. Then I just doodle the name on the screen in the same style every time. If anybody looked at a bunch of my PODs they'd know instantly what I'm doing.
    Clients aren't paying for PODs. We don't get paid for PODs.
  • I'm at a certain WC1 based outfit (Tinworth St pre-merger), answering the radio to a certain shaggy haired bloke known to these forums.. but I lie pretty low, so I doubt we are. Unless we are.

    Stomping out with a name and no sig doesn't fly with the fella in the security room at New Broadcasting House, Mr Derby Gate postroom doesn't much like it either. Obviously as both of my controllers have been known to frequent this forum I should state I'm referring to My Friend who has encountered this, rather than myself.
  • I never stomp. I fly, daintily, and happily. No angry courier I. If they want to sign, they can. But they never want to. They see me and think: that's a professional courier. If he says his xda screen is broken, then I believe him.
    And let's not tiptoe around it. He is called Fat Steve. The other one I've never had the pleasure of working with, though I've heard nought but good things from riders working with him.
    See you out there.
  • @bobble
    You mean that fat bloke,Steve?Tell that lard arse to grow a pony-tail and talk to the fairies if he has something to say.Is he still banging on about how great it is at Mach One?What a shyster!Love that guy.
  • Are we talking about the show pony? reuter crooks?
  • "Thanks! I think I might have found a potential solution, so if it works out I'll post it. "
    Good luck getting it fixed MaNu, I hope it works.
  • Ah, that'll be three forum readers in the control room then.
  • Thanks to PornoMike I am now in possession of half a stylus.
  • A little blunt pencil always worked for me. Pop the XDA in a sandwich bag to keep it clean, stops screen getting too scratched up and written on in pen by witless clients.

    Usually full name and sig for Gov/health/banking/legal-related stuff, otherwise signed off myself. As long as you've got a name who cares? Half the PODs you know anyway if familiar faces, just chuck the goods at them and on to the next.
  • Where?
  • at a certain WC1 based outfit (Tinworth St pre-merger), answering the radio to a certain shaggy haired bloke known to these forums..
  • I've gone with the blunt pencil idea.It's a long one with a rubber on the end which is ideal for tapping the XDA screen with.I feel an important chapter in my life has now resolved itself.Thanks for helping me find closure guys.
  • just hold the thing in front of them and say "go on then" and now it's their problem finding something to scribble with
  • od next time im in Enga land iv got a sky blue one a miss pink one kermite green one
    and a black and silver one that was torn from the xda/pda in anger.New thought ill send them 2 Bill at his new home.EC1.not Metro
  • Roger,curly.Don't send 'em to Bill though,mate.He wouldn't want a pillar of the community like myself turning up at their new gaff.He'd think I'm stepping on his toes.
  • My new company have issued me with a body heat sensitive XDA machine.The jobs must be signed off with a finger,one that's attached to a person's hand,a blunt pen or something similar won't scribble on it.
    Interesting times....

  • So do I,mate.But if I did at least I'd have somewhere to hang my hat.
  • A 1.5v Duracell AA kept in a sweaty pocket should do it. Can't go wrong.

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