Elite pushbike fleet at 3D couriers
  • Bumped into 3D's latest new rider today.Seems like they finally have a crew of decent riders on their circuit.Kieran and Spoony are there too.I should've stayed there really,they're one the very few decent firms that don't go out of their way to treat their riders like shit.Ride on guys!
  • haha who's spoony? aussie nige?
  • He's 3D's ninja courier.He operates below the radar.
  • Chortle. I never should have left.
  • No adam, that's knifey spoony you're thinking of.
  • can everyone please stop referring to me by my name please?
  • Sorry Adam.
  • Hey Bum.How you doing at 3D?I was riding behind you on Oxford St earlier but I didn't call out to you coz you seemed a tad hacked off.I got royally shafted at work today and in a moment of desperation phoned Chinese Nige to ask about the work situation there.Of course he's seen my number pop up on his phone and thought fuck that.By the way mate,screaming obscenities at the top of your voice at little old ladies crossing the road is not a good look.That poor old girl must've been 70.
    Ride safe bro.
  • Bitch shouldn't have gotten in his way, she had seventy years to learn that shit. (Place smiley face internet thingy here)
  • Screaming obscenities at old ladies? That's not my style man. I was probably loudly and passionately endorsing her shopping choices.
  • Hey Adam, maybe you should get a new nom de plume and we can have fun guessing who the new guy is for all of two minutes.

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