• I really want to start working as a bike messenger and I'll get on it early next year. I've been working on the doors in a hotel in the City for last two years and I've learned enough about streets and stuff (and to hate cab drivers and trucks, f-ing hate em). Weather doesn't scare me. I love working outdoors. I'm on bike everyday. To work, back, elsewhere, anywhere. I can easily put miles in my legs. I've done some research and I've talked with few couriers but one thing I havent find out yet is what hours do you do as a messenger, is it same every day or you decide or depends on how much work there is? How many days/week etc. If anyone could answer that I'd appreciate. Any other feedback please post here. I know it's not easy to be a courier (my dad works as one for 15yrs) but I'm not afraid of hard work and I want to have my start.
  • Don't do it, you'll fuck yourself completly in both body and mind run, run while you still can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kirk is right. As always.
  • nah i heard it all before, its bs. i cant wait to be doing thisss.

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