Learning street names
  • Hi I am planning on moving to London about April time and was wanting to try my hand at being a bike courier. Currently I live in Inverness in the north of Scotland and drive a hgv for a living. I've been reading the other posts on here and picked up a lot of info that would be useful particularly liked the one about blood in spunk, not sure if that will help me get a job but you never know. I was wanting to get some tips on how to remember street names. I found a post suggesting which post codes of the map to learn but how do you remember street names. In my present job I cover an area from Aberdeen to Coventry and coast to coast and have about 100 different customers to deliver to. I know how to get to all these addresses without using a map or sat nav and once I've been somewhere once using a map I can get there next time without the map but I can only remember about 5 street names that the businesses are on out of 100. I could describe the surrounding streets and local pubs/landmarks but not any of the street name.
    So any help on how to remember street names would be great or can you get away with just knowing where your drops are and how to get there and just look up new delivery addresses on the map as they come up. I was in London for a week at the start of the year and by the end of the week I could navigate pretty well through china town and soho and Whitehall so I pick up my breakings well once I physically see where I'm going.
  • If you can remember the pubs then you're sorted...
  • Thanks diabolic, guess ill get on okay then. There was a time I knew about 90% of the pubs in the whole of Edinburgh but that was more because I was an alcoholic than good at directions.
  • Alcoholics keep the economy afloat....
  • If you can navigate, and you're an alcoholic, then you're a shoe in.

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