Seeking Bike Messengers for Music Video
  • Hello Bike Messengers!

    I am an independent film producer/director who is currently developing a Music Video. The story aspect of the video will consist of a fast passed scene following a single bike messenger through tight London streets.

    The video essentially has no budget, but we're able to get all the crew, and equipment we need for free, so all we need is a couple of really talented, experienced, bike messengers to feature in the film, and help us shoot it.

    I am afraid we are unable to pay, but it should be a lot of fun, and you'll feature in some great looking footage and a fantastic music video.

    If you're interested in getting involved or hearing more please get in touch!

    All the best,

    Alasdair Mitchell

    Executive Producer
    Breaking Ground Films
  • What an original idea! I'm sure many here will forego payment just to be involved in such a groundbreaking project.
  • Oh know, maybe you misunderstood. I'm not asking you for forego payment, since there was never any payment on offer.

    Just asking to see if there was anybody who would be interested in being involved in project pro bono, as I am, etc.

    Bare in mind the biking aspect isn't the interesting part of the video, but just the instrument in delivering the story - I wont get into to much detail or I'll write a book. Anybody interested can get in touch and I can send them a treatment.

  • ...I can feel a storm coming.
  • Pro bono? Think you're thinking of law circuits rather than courier circuits - if I was on the wage associated with the former, I'd think about it.

    I do in principle like the idea of scratching little independent films together on free bits and pieces and the generosity of others, it's one of the few ways the things can happen these days. I get that. But it'll be a tough sell here.
  • Taking time off work to be filmed involves foregoing payment (not by yourselves but by the company for which the courier normally works). Asking a courier to give up his/her precious weekends.. well.. good luck with that one. Try the fakenger community - they tend to have more disposable income and more free time and are all about the image.
  • "Fast passed" and "Bare in mind" - does not bode well. They don't bother with English literacy at the film schools then?
  • Oh know! If I made myself an executive producer of my own little firm, I'd try to at least give the impression that I could do English proper like. That said, I'm interested. Send me a treatment.
  • Fuck. Was thinking of posting a similar ad on here for my own no-budget student short that's been rattling around my head for a while based on my time on the circuit.

    I've got the soundtrack sorted at least:
  • Mate, if you're working with a Wire soundtrack you can do no wrong!
  • ...except use it without permission, of course.
  • Doesnt Ernie drive a milk truck, not ride a bike?

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