Emily looking for a contact in Tokyo
  • Dear good people of Moving Target.

    This from Emily "thatmessengerchick" who's on her way around the world and just about to reach Tokyo:

    - - -

    Was wondering if I might ask a small favour: - - - I was meaning to ask the good people of Moving Target if anyone
    had a mate in Tokyo who might be able to lend me a truing stand. (I
    could either use it in situ or pick it up and deliver it when I'm
    done, and one day should be enough.)

    (I would also LOVE it if someone could lend me a 52-53cm fixie while
    I'm there (could leave my touring bike with them as security), but
    that's mostly just wishful thinking.)

    - - -

    Anyone...? Probably best get in touch with her through her blog, or reply on the thread here - I'll be away from tomorrow, too, and won't be able to pass on the info.


    Thanks a million, again.


  • Away for good hopefully...
  • just use your frame as a truing stand.
    turn it upside down and use the brakes to gauge the rim
    stick rizla on the forks/ rear stay to determine the up and downness of the rim, ykno, flatspots and all that.

    I have a couple of bikes your size but as I hate women I dont think they will be any good for you.
  • emily if your Melbourne bound iv got a sofa you can surf on.Some good bike shops in the area and baristas

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