Creative corner
  • Could someone please tell me exactly where creative corner is? Many thanks.
  • Not sure but I think its on the corner of Poland/Broadwick st.

  • That's mango corner.
  • Creative corner is now at the bottom of BT tower.
  • Pint please Samu
  • Creative corner isn't tangible. It's a state of mind, a way of life. On a side note.... i was at mango corner the other day... samu popped by to check i was ok for drinks... i was. true story.
  • Samu is an omnipresent entity.He is everything and nothing and everywhere and nowhere.And he brings beer..
  • Is everyone okay for drinks?
  • Did it used to be somewhere else? Only asking out of curiosity.
  • It used to be on a step. But now it's round the corner.
  • The Steps used to be on Marshall Street, then those oiks from AY moved the Steps to the Palladium stage door, and don't even ask about the Hole or the Court...

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