Superkid's stag night alleycat 21st Sept
  • Robin Watts AKA Superkid is tying the knot on 29th September and to celebrate this we are gonna
    race and then get twazzled at some poor buggers drinking establishment.We have no idea how this will happen but make a note of it,it's a friday and it involves beer,bikes and Superkid.I ask ya,what more could you want?
    We will have a short alleycat then a street keirin in a square somewhere north but not too far north.
    Meet to be confirmed but definitely happening this Friday!
  • I would upload flyer but.... HOW???
  • We will be meeting at the Tower Tavern at 9pm ish this Friday 21st! after the racing is done.It's on the corner of Clipstone st and Cleveland st W1 basically at the base of BT Tower.Hopefully we wont be kicked out too early.
  • Meet at 7pm friday on Warner st. EC1 for race start.£3 to race, winner gets the pot and gets to be London's quickest rider for the time being!
    Spread the love.
  • Dam it, to late to change my plans, can't make the race or the wedding but best of luck to ya'all. Oh, you kids have fun without me .

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