Good stuff from Matt Seaton
  • Someone needed to say this so well done to Matt Seaton who,rather than resorting to trolling the comments section of the Guardian as B*ffalo B*ll has recently been doing,has had the balls to say publicly what only B*ll would say privately.
  • I concur, strong stuff.
  • Whos Matt Seaton? Hardly good stuff, just well placed words. The title clearly states he didnt use drugs to win then he fills the rest of the page with rhetoric, hearsay and opinion. He stops short of saying Armstrong took drugs to win and doesnt provide any conclusive proof to back up the populaur opinion.

    What is he - the fucking Kate Adie of cycling journalism. Give us a second instalment of your shit book that helped me kill about 30minutes whilst I did a saturday morning poo.

    I think he just has had enough of fighting. Doesnt mean that he cheated...just an easy way to end an argument by saying the other person was right.
    The UCI havent stripped him of his titles, he hasnt come out and admitted he used stuff.

    I am not a lance lover I just hate these pathetic witchhunts.
  • If you knew anything about anything on this forum you would've noticed I was attempting to wind Bill up.Bill was described as "Godfather" to London's bike couriers once by Matt Seaton but you wouldn't know that.You would also be unaware that Bill wrote an article for the same newspaper Matt Seaton used to write for.Only that Seaton is a proper journalist and Bill is,well,lets politely say he's a part-time journalist.Also,Lance Armstrong is a bullying,lying muthafucka that deserves to be hunted down and humiliated in the same way he himself hunted down and humiliated certain riders in the peloton.

  • I dont care any more, I suppose this is a wake up call. No way out. Maybe I'll show my true colours. Anyway, your taking it too hard, replying to me like I'm some illegal alien, a man on the corner well Its obviously just a misunderstanding Ducchess but keep it dark eh.

    Everyday, we wait and we wonder. If we hang in long enough maybe we can hear both sides of the story. But for me, I just cant belive its true but I suppose thats just the way it is. When you watched him race, it was like he had two hearts. He would get on those pedals and dance into the light ok. He wasnt the son of man I admit.
    fuggit, I shall go back to the land of confusion so I can see my mama.
  • Are you babbling on about Bill or Lance?

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