Calling London....

    I'm making a rare excursion back to the smoke to host a night of jelly and dancing at The Grosvenor (Sidney Road Stockwell) on Saturday October 27th. I'm dragging my favourite band up from Cornwall to make their London debut (they're called Petite Debauche, and they tell me it's called 'psych-rock') and I'll be spinning the 7" vinyl late into the night. You'd hate it, obviously, but just show up and pay the £5 entrance fee and I'll be happy with that.
  • I'll be there as long as you tells me who the surprise guests are.
    I don't like surprises. Or loud noises. Or anything out of the ordinary.
  • You could be the surprise guest if you like.
  • That works for me. I'm going.
  • You'd have to be 'special' as well as a surprise of course....

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