• Im 16, need money, live in london, love cycleing and all that

    can only work on weekends, have no experience... im young and free, the world is my oyster, who wants to employe me :D ??
  • Not too sure there is weekend work mate, someone might correct me though
  • Not too many people who actually can employ couriers hang out on this forum, even the mighty Buffalo isn't in the hiring and firing business.
    Besides, 16 is sorta young for insurance reasons...
    and weekend work is nearly non-existant.
  • Check the FAQ thread - and then come back with some questions that haven't been answered over there.
  • SURE THING BILL *salutes*
  • The kids got style, taking the piss out of Bill on his first thread. Ryan come to metro monday morning we have a job for you. You can start cleaning our toilets and work your way up.
  • .....cleaning anything a courier has used........

  • What time you want me??
  • Nope, fails on the sense of humour after all.
  • That meant to be at me NhattattacK ??
  • WTF?... hope little Ryan has found a job since then.
  • Oh, F me. I didn`t see the date... My bad. Sorry.
    Anyway if anyone is looking for a job my offer is still available :)
  • By my reckoning little Ryan has now been a bike courier for 4 years since he posted.He is probably a raging alcoholic,addicted to Tramadol and sponging off a Polish bird.And rides a bike for a "living".
  • Are you related to Nathan?
  • Hey buttcheeks, are you related to me?
  • What a loada sh....
  • I'm sure we are bum, although everyone is related to the same woman, Mitochondrial Woman, and the same man, the less imaginative sounding DNA Man. They weren't around at the same time though.
  • It is widely held that we are mostly genetically descended from Gengis Khan.A man who was responsible for the deaths of 40 million people.Many of which,including his own half-brother, were technically related to him. We are the product of a homicidal Mongolian warrior and possibly this Mitochondrial woman that is mentioned up there.^
    This means nothing to anyone applying for a local cleaning job on a bike courier forum but it should,it really should...
  • Is a cleaning job a proper job by comparison to a courier job? What about a blowjob, where does that stand?
  • Is DNA man in The Avengers? I'm pretty sure Mitochondrial Woman was part of the X-Men collective, but Magneto whipped her steel skanks off of her in a meeting for a joke, so she left and got a cleaning job at Cleaners Vauxhall. Wolverine was not happy, I can tell you.
  • I bet he was well perturbed.
  • I wonder what Little Ryan's thoughts on the matter are.For he knoweth not what he hath started.
  • Little Ryan is now nought but a ghostly and, in my humble opinion, slightly sinister presence on this here thingummybob. To Hell with him says I, I says.
  • He's learnt a lot in these past 4 years. Now he's a man. I reckon he could scrub the hardest limescale off the worst toilet in Scotland.

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