Now this is pissing me off.
  • . Is there really a good reason to gender categorise art in the way that you refuse any sex entry? In my view this is making art exclusive and hence loses the point of being art.
  • Any sex entry was probably not the best choice of words.
  • "It's kind of an experiment"

    -anything an artist spits is art. kurt schwitters.
  • So no Arabs, Jewish or black people would also be an experiment?
  • It would be a very brave experiment! But Hitler was a very poor artist...
  • Do you have a similar problem with the women only days at Hampstead pool? I know some people do.
  • Well no. There are womens, mens and a mixed pond. And none of them are art.
  • On a related note,I went to the Serpentine gallery today where there's a Yoko Ono retrospective(yes,I sometimes visit galleries!).I wish she'd never met John Lennon,maybe nobody would 've given her any attention if she hadn't,her show was bloody awful.An apple on a plinth anyone?Three mounds of mud?John Lennon's hairy buttocks?
    I walked out of there after 5 minutes.It was just a bit silly.
  • She doesn't date well, but the fluxus group (of which she was a part) were momentarily important in the earl sixties. Think of it as history rather than art. It is a retrospective after all.
  • If I wanted history then there are museums just up the road from the Serpentine.Her work was shite in the sixties and it's shite now and will be shite in the future.
    That's three mounds of shite.
  • If the function of art is to provoke, then she seems to have been pretty successful. Remember - art is the enemy of taste.
  • Fart is the enema of waste.
  • Here,have a bash of this...
  • Like I said - she didn't date well...

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