Annoying post room personnel.
  • Anyone else had any bother with the fat Scots excuse for a human being at IPC loading bay?The haggis muncher has had a pop at me twice but I can't take the idiot seriously.I told him to cheer up at the last bollocking he dished out and he went fucking apeshit.What a gobshite!
    Also,if you wanna wind up that other miserable bum shuffler in the postroom,his POD is Rob,another lard arse,hold your XDA at the point where he has to stretch to scribble on it.It means he has to slightly lift his sizeable hind quarters out of the chair which,I noticed,he hates doing!
    What cnuts!
  • If you're a really bad person and don't say your prayers at night, you will reincarnate as a post-room jobsworth. Be gentle on them, for they are suffering already.
  • The only decent bloke there is Tim. Rachel would however get it as I find her somewhat attractive. Big blue eyes. Mmmmmmmmmm1
  • Tim is ok.It's that chubby,nauseating little nugget buster that ruins the atmosphere.I remember Rachel from the old building on Stamford St.She has been there years and was somewhat slimmer then but I wouldn't kick her out of bed.Even though she must have awful fag breath.
  • So do you.
  • I've stopped smoking!Oh,you're saying I am a gay.
  • Yeah of course!

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