Wake Up, Chuck Up, But Don't Fuck Up...
  • I gave up on my circuit in February, due to wank pay, feeling proper mental and occasionally suicidal.

    However. Every time I breach into the city I miss being part of the militaristic package logistic network that I once was.

    Is there any hope for our future?!?
  • Some suggestions:

    Cargo Bikes.
    Independent 'gangs' of couriers (not co-ops).
    Find another city.
  • Well.. No.
  • @ zero - intrigued by the gang model: how would that work?
  • "Warriors" stylie?
  • Independent couriers, each with their own client list covering their own work. Work that they can't cover themselves is farmed out to trusted 'gang' members. Accounts are settled at the end of the week over a pint. It's exactly how we operate in Manchester these days.
  • Except in Manc there are about 3 couriers so hardly a gang and things must be bad when at the end of the week the trusted members are all sitting around a single pint.
  • Straws all round.
  • Three's a gang, and a pint's a pint!
  • Not between three it is not.
  • It's ok - I don't drink any more...
  • And anyway, it's more like six of us at the moment.

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