book for bag ?
  • hello.
    I think i'd like to swap a copy of my book ( for a used messenger bag....
    i'm leaving london and i'm going sentimental about it :)

    i'll have to like the bag ok, but if anyone is interested please let me know.
    i'll also be happy to give the pictures i printed back to who they belong to, or anyone interested in having them, as single images or whole installation. i'll upload a photo if it as soon as i can so that all the memories will come back.

    csaba is in spain right?....i have a A1 mounted print of him sitting in a mini skirt.... any takers for that one?:)

  • I'm afraid I have no spare bags...but I'll give you hard cash for a laminated copy of Csaba in a mini skirt
  • I looked through the book and I really don't understand it,

    Why would you try to intellectualize/glamourise or even try and put any kind of artistic spin on what is a lackey's job, delivering richman's envelopes.... by push bike?
  • real zero to other zero: what the fuck's your problem?
  • not enough pictures for you ZeroEdition...??
  • I'm with the original Zero. What's your problem?
  • That's just it. Why would you depict miners, factory workers, toilet attendants, market porters e.t.c? Because they are people who are increasingly marginalized but still carry on. Most of us are probably looking for a way out but... I don't know all that much about the other trades I can think of but we are a strong community. We care for each other and we are somewhat tribal. I can see a reason right there. If you don't understand that then switch channel 5 back on while flicking through the sun.
  • What pornomike said...
  • *Switches Channel 5 back on whilst flicking through the sun*

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