Shitty Skint make a boo boo
  • City Sprint is not well.. im constantly being asked recently "whats going on with city sprint?" by clients that have used us for years ,(generally smaller clients who want to know why an EC1 to SW1 booked at 3:45pm was picked up after 6pm) also was asked why a time could not be given for a WC2 pickup going to WC2,in the middle of the day..the radio is terrible and even the riders cant get thru to our controllers on the phone,,all takes up a lot of time .. shouldnt really be this hard to comunicate should it ........and then couple that with a government contract that wasnt thought out properly.. could be a bloody disaster..... you get what you pay for i suppose........
  • I guess that's what happens when you get greedy. Chasing the big fish and dismissing the smaller contracts as less important. The smaller businesses will lose confidence and go elsewhere and when the big contracts prove too much, CS will be left with nothing but a bad rep.
  • well if something doesnt get sorted out ït doesnt bode well for the future-- the pushbike fleet holds the company together a lot of the dockets we do are booked as motorbikes-- but they just dont have enough riders to cover ït - - plus their rates are shite considx turn on the engine its about 40p in petrol--- unfortunatly its not a very professionaly run company any more-- we got very good controllers who are restricted by a terrible communication system and office decisions that appear to be made by people who dont appear to know an awful lot about being a courier
  • Seamus move 2 Creative better rates but you would have 2 put up with Sir Bill.
  • Seamus - grab a couple of clients and go indy.
  • The declining has been going on for some time.
  • I feel like shit.

    Two dodgy ribs, a fucked knee, a fucked wrist, and I cant remember how I did it cos I was so wasted.

    Still went to work, still did ok. And I'll be going in tomorrow. Me and Bada Bing have a good understanding of how Roadkill rolls, eh Mark? Confusing, selfish, entertaining, hard working, lazy, uncompromising, relentless, moaning, and the rest but he still puts up with me day in and (day off?) day out.

    All you pussies that think couriering is easy can suck my ring. Its hard. And its even harder when your body's broken but you all know that, right?

    The only guy I know who has it easy is an ex CS rider who does 5 jobs a day for £250 a week garra. But he found curcuit didnt suit his style. Fair play to him, but I need to earn more than that cos I dont squat / live in a free house / live with my parents / blah blah blah. I'd be bored off my tits doing 5 jobs a day.

    Big respect to all riders and honest people in the industry who will one day move forward, while everyone else will be left drowning in the filth they created. Remember - the meek will inherit the earth.
  • bravo! charlie...... dont let em grind ya down....
  • cheers Pike, have a vanillicon for old times sake:updown:

    I'm off the rest of the week on doctors orders to rest my ribs. I promise I'll never drink again or make bold statememnts on websites that I can never live up to in reality.

    Move and call.:brokenheart:
  • move and call only works wit a proper radio
  • i remember the days of SD about 30 riders on one channel if you couldnt get through you had to use a telephone box fun days but seriously great controllers _Bill ,Ian,Jules,Daisey ,Tracey,Rosey,Kev,Geordie Brian.She mouse im back at the start of Oct.fancy a pint ?are you still snowing?
  • No John Snow, plenty of rain.
  • im sure you will find me :-)
  • Are you still Foxing SH?Josh funny consicering wasnt some water on that site someting 2 do with that pump by creative couner
  • O,Hooly we will meet at Creative corner bring bum,OD ,The Pike, Paul Daniels he might magic Kirk and Bill and all
  • I heard CS lost the postroom at 189 Shaftesbury.Then I heard none of their riders could find it in the first place...
  • Boom boom! Poor Kirsten and Toby, it seems they have new employers every other month. Will ANY company be good enough for Endeavour House? I hear Mango are on the up and up...can you hear me Michael? "Hello Sir how are ya jeez 'twas mighty busy earlier all day long those vans coming in and out you know are you busy so? jeez they were so busy earlier ah you'll need to go upstairs i'm foin tanks how are ya sir"
  • Done saw him in my regular caff in Archway so I did. "I go for the steak", he says.
  • Ah well now he's a solid man for dee old steak. I hear he lives up dat way and is a great man for dee old pubs and de old turf accountants etc
  • what you all mean declining? I got some nice kit from sprint, softshell, bodywarmers, fleeces, polo shirts, t-shirts all embroidered with the new season's logo you couldn't get any of this last year
  • Michael, bringer of gloom?
  • but no waterproof jacket
  • Worst PAC bags ever made.

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