Worn Headset - is it worth me reinserting the headset the other way around make any difference
  • I know this isnt exactly a bike mechanics forum, but I was hopin some other couriers might have some answers for me b4 work starts again,

    I got a worn headset to the extent that when I push the bike by the saddle, the wheel will stay completely straight. It offers light resistance when im standing next to the bike and turning the handlebars slowly, but I can't say I've noticed too much whilst actually riding the bike.

    I figure the bearings are worn at the front of the headset.

    Can't really afford to replace it for a week or so, and I was wondering if its a good idea to turn the headset around so that my weight is on bearings that arent so worn? Or does it make no difference? Do the bearings at the back of the headset wear just as quickly as the front??

    Thanks for reading
  • Yeah. Just do just that.
  • Well I'd like to thank you Pornomike for taking the time to add such constructive input into my thread.

    I guess common sense does say to leave the thing alone. but it is a tempting thought to turn it around if the bearings at the back of the headset are less worn

    The headset is about a year old. I paid just 20 for it and its the first time I used this type
  • Like I said, just turn the back to the front, whatever that means and then just carry on as you were< headset less!
  • I did this once, but was told that for best results I needed to turn only one of the cups round, so that the notches in the top and bottom wouldn't line up any more, if you see what I mean. Didn't really work though. I'd just ride it with a notch for a week and replace it.
  • It would help if you said what type of headset it is.
  • The headset is an internal threadless headset.
  • mine was doing that and so ï backed ït up and found the top cup was slightly out of line-:-) tis fine now
  • You could have a pitted cup,mines a nice cup of tea
  • "mine was doing that and so ï backed ït up and found the top cup was slightly out of line-:-) tis fine now"

    Took the headset out and reinserted a couple of times. On the second time I found that the headset is now turning as good as new (maybe slight roughness in bearings, but barely noticeable. The "notch" or "indexed steering" is completely gone.
  • If it gets notch-y again, try smearing blancmange up and down your seat post while dressed as a wizard, and wave your hands in the air- like you just don't care. That's how Sheldon used to do it. If that doesn't work stuff a cuckoos' arsehole in the BB shell.
  • I already tried both of those things and none of them made any difference to my headset. Are you trying to wind me up?
  • Never! My stream of unconscious nonce-sense is designed only to titillate. Me. PEACE!
  • Three days to go and then you can replace it. Was that so hard?
  • WTF?Nevermind the botch job,this nutter has fitted a motorbike tyre on!Respect!
  • He also seems to have gone over the frame with a sander for some reason?
  • Nice touch with the Volvic water bottle in the cage to top it off.

    I think that really might be a tyre off a Cub 90cc cos he has had to refit new spacers and nut on the brake pad just to get the calipers round it!

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