exenger looking for somewhere to put his head down this weekend
  • Hi, this is Antony some of you know me. I'm coming up to London this weekend, but I haven't been very organised and need somewhere to stay. Anyone help me.


  • No luck then?
  • Would have been nice to get the forty quid you have owed me for the best part of two years but hey. (thinking of a four letter word starting with C)
  • Yeah, I had somewhere to stay. Something went tits up here and I couldn't come...lost my mnoney on my train fare

    Lots of love to you too...

    (Shouldn't talk about cash on a public forum. Can put it in the post anyways...)
  • Lost your money on your train fare? What was it? On line ticket casino? Fare poker? And why should I not talk about cash on a public forum. One of your holier than though hair brained "you cant say that" ideas that applies to nothing where the rest of mankind lives? Or is it just that you are embarrased.
  • if i was a rich man. lol mike

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