Air Call - is it a decent company?
  • I haven't found anything about Air Call in the forum. I'm supposed to have an interview with Greg or Eddie at Air Call in Fulham. Do you have any info/comments regarding this?

    I just don't want to waste time attending the interview if it's scam or they treat people bad or they're not serious. It's not like a NEED a courier job, I WANT one, with a decent company. I'm leaving a dead end 40k banking job I can't deal with shit companies.
    Oh, they told me to bring passport, national insurance number, proof of address and a PEN.
  • "i can't deal with shit companies"

    welcome to a dead end 10k job
  • i'm not really after the money. i just want to get out of the stupidity of banking (been doing it for 5 years). i'd rather be paid less for cycling.
    i read about good and bad companies in some other discussion. i'd just like to know how do you rate this?
  • A close mate of mine was in banking before choosing life, some 13 years ago. He now loves his time as a cyclist. Good luck, but no, never heard of that company. If your NW10 Courier Systems is on the way to Fulham and is closer to your house, give them a call they are a perfect company to join if you've never done this work before.
  • I will trade your banking job. What is it doing exactly?
  • So I did it gave up my pointless ass flattening pocket filling banking job after 4 years and cycled 1007 miles from London to my hometown in Northern Italy in 10 days for no reason (average 100 miles a day). Kept it fixed 48/16 until Stuttgart then ass would hurt so I switched to 48/18 freewheels to climb the Alps. I made it! I think I won't have sex (no, not even with myself) for another 10 days or so but I'm quite proud of it.

    Once back in London I'll look for a courier job.

    Quite a senseless post, just look for a pat in the shoulder a clap, a bow or a gram of anything.

  • Is this you Andrea?? Dont do it.
  • With only a rizla sized gap between the rear wheel and seat tube.
  • Let me know when you're back in London. We should meet up for a chat.
  • I'll happily meet up for booze, chat and prescription drugs with anybody in this forum. I still don't know whether I'll be able to ever reproduce in the future though. Now I can masturbate at least, thought I'd let people know. I already regret saying this but can't be bothered to delete stuff I write as I have this fetish for verbal diarreah. I mean, my name is not Andrea but Simone (funny enough they both are girl names in English)....
    Anyway, sod this. I appreciate you people.
  • So where is Andrea then? He did have a proper track bike with all Record components and rizla thick rear tyre clearance. Thats all I remember and it was a a long time agay.
  • As far as I know he is still working for F&C. And it is thin, rizla thin clearance. Oh yeah, it is ago come to think of it.
  • J√§vla fnask.
  • If you mean Cipo I heard he got sacked from stockbroking, is converting to Islam and going back on the road for sprint.
  • Makes a change from converting Euros to Dollars
  • glib. Who are you calling a whore here?
  • Nice fella .Didnt some scumbag nick his dog from his backgarden, a lovely staffy.Are we all old gits on this site these days?Next thing you know She Mouse will be supporting Rangers
  • He is trading in commodities. Hedge fund to the tune of millions. I think he has done very well for himself. He worked so hard to get where he is now so Andrea, carry on! We should all take a leaf out of his book.
  • That will be the day we die.
  • Good on him, put is this why England is in finacial melt down?Cant really complain_pasta & pizza
  • you read it, so....

  • Fuck you you scando cunt.
  • Jesus this forum is dead

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