hey Kirk!
  • How are you,mate?
    You still in Hawaii?
  • Well they tell me they can fix my shoulder problem with some kind of physical therapy so, that's good. Been back from Maui for over a month. Funny thing about Hawaii my wife has one of those hi dollar hi stress jobs and one of my bar buddies who works in the oil business was doing three weeks on the slope and three weeks off. One day he goes "Fuck it, I'm going to spend my three weeks of in Maui." One thing led to another. Now we go there a bit and know half the bar staff in the town of Kihei. BTW between all the Maui trips and being dragged on some work trips I'm an Alaska Airlines gold so, on the off chance anyone finds themselves on that airlines hit me up for an upgrade code before you book the ticket, in case I still have one left. I'm thinking about offering one or two on the messenger list for travel to CMWC or NACCC. I like the idea of messengers siting in first class.

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