Anyone remember Rod?
  • Hallo. Does anyone remember Rod? He worked for reuters city circuit back in the day. Iv still got his lock and want to give it back. Any help. He never drank at the duke, was miserable old sod most of the time and fucked off up norf.
  • have you tried the a-zreuterbrooksmachone office? maybe someone there will remember working with him. pretty sure he was before my time there but there are a good few of the old office staff still about i think.
  • Roddy? Bloody hell. Long time gone.
  • I upset the fragile bastard when I told a joke on the reuters city circuit two way radio. The a-zreuterscitysprintmachonepremierlewisdaysecuritydespatchvanguardcouriercisternschurchhillpinkpointtopointcreativebondsquicksilverbusinessdirecthayslondonlink office are they still at roger street?

    He had a competition with sammy to see whos bike could go the longest without being serviced.
  • I know he and CountryMan stayed in touch for a while so if you can track down Detective Sargent Countryman ...
  • His a mate on Facebook,i will give him the message. He moved up north and works in a nuclear power plant he was cristened Mr H Simpson.His girl friend had a baby she plays the sax.

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