Going to ECMC 2012 Edinburgh
  • I know it's a bit early but who's thinking of going up to Edinburgh for the ECMC in June (15th-17th June)?
    Only asking 'cos we're considering whether it would be worth organising some sort of transport to get everyone up there, probably on the Thursday night.

    Train tickets are pricey unless you book well in advance and you can only get a few bikes on board;likewise if you travel by bus, might be cheaper but you might not be able to get your bike in..so we're thinking about hiring a coach or get a coach company to sponsor us.

    There will also be a ride from London (well kind of) right after the pre-event (7th-9th June) for out of towners and Londoners who fancy riding up to Edinburgh.

    More info and website coming soon for the LONDON CALLING pre-event....
    Check ECMC website: http://www.ecmc2012.co.uk/

  • Trying to convince my Edinburghian mate to ride up there with me, probably be a good idea to actually get hold of a geared bike myself first.
  • I'm planning the ride with Niall from Glasgow, plan is to start Tuesday from Manchester or Liverpool - get to Edinburgh Friday, there should be a van for tents and stuff so you can just ride with kit for a day each day. Direct trains to Manchester won't take bikes (without pre-book and then only 3) but 2 local trains via Birmingham should be OK.

    5 years ago the ride from London to Dublin for CMWC went off pretty well and there were plenty riding fixed - gears will be nice but you should be alright fixed if that's what you have. Although in retrospect I did fuck my knee up.

    Any ideas for the ride post them here or let us know, still early days with making a route and so on, at the moment.
  • Virgin (who operate the direct train to MCR) can be really, really awkward about bikes, even when they are bagged.
  • Yeah they're proper wankers, we had to leave our bikes locked at Euston thus nearly missing the train to Glasgow as the tossers on the gate wouldn't let us through (train wasn't leaving for five minutes) luckily a maniac (not associated with us!) ran at them waving his motorbike helmet like a sword, so we were able to slip through.

    So for a while I was thinking ride from somewhere served by reasonable train companies and also allowing anyone who wants to ride door to door to do a big Monday and ride with the others the rest of the way (Peterborough or thereabouts). But the London-Midlands trains cycle policy looks OK via Brum - and they're cheaper - plus if we start in the Northwest maybe some Manchester or Dublin couriers can join in.

    Still if anyone wants to ride all the way let us know and we'll try and plan it so the junction between groups can be made at some point.
  • Looking forward to it, might bring more than just a plastic bag to camp in. Team Rodeo/Sparta!
  • team swag

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