lost wallet - donkey derby; horsehouse
  • Hello hello

    Not sure if any of you will be able to help, but was filming at the event tonight and appear to not have the wallet that i went in with. and in fact, no wallet at all. just wondering whether anybody might have picked it up by accident? or if in my fever of general excitement - I might have put it into someone else's bag? its got a fair bit of sentimental value, and its got my house keys, bike lock key and it - ridiculously - had a fair bit of cash in it as well. As I say, if anyone has picked it up by accident- I would be massively appreciative if you could give me a text/call on 07966664782.

    other than that, it was a brilliant night. well done to the victors and indeed everyone that took part. was quite an amazing feat of physical fitness and a lovely atmosphere. nice one.

    thanks again


    marigold :-)
  • Sorry to hear about that, I'll ask around for you in case anybody found it who isn't on MT...good luck!
  • hey that would be great - thanks so much. most annoying thing is that it had my bike key on it and its still locked up. would be brilliant if you could ask around - thanks :-)
  • dammmmmm
  • Hasn't April got this wallet?


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