Cycle Logistics Federation
  • Hi. Before I blabber, better introduce myself. I'm Ben. I run Big Blue Bike cycle couriers based in Cardiff.
    Thought I would post this up here as it directly relates to the industry of moving things by bike and what that could mean in the future.

    The Cycle Logistics Federation has been sought by the guys at Outspoken Delivery in Cambridge. Here is how they have approached this idea.

    "Discussions with other cycle based delivery companies has highlighted that there is no one group or professional body which represents and supports the needs of cycle logistics companies such as ourselves. Therefore with encouragement from CYCLELogistics (see, an EU funded project we are involved in to promote delivery of freight by bicycle, we have concluded that a Cycle Logistics Group (ie an Association or Federation) should be established to start to make our voices heard at the highest level.

    Initial thoughts on the primary aims of the proposed Group, subject to discussion and agreement include:
    - highlighting best practice
    - sharing knowledge and experience
    - establishing a lobby group(s) to influence relevant stakeholders
    - identifying opportunities for shared promotions, marketing and costs
    - establishing appropriate information resources.

    It is envisaged that the Group would be targeted at:
    - established cycle logistics businesses (eg. delivery companies, couriers, pedicab operators, tradespeople, organisations which use cycles as part of their business operations, etc)
    - start-up businesses considering using cycles as part of their business operations
    - manufacturers and suppliers of cycle logistics equipment."

    There is a meeting of various groups in the cycle logistics industry scheduled for Saturday 14 July 2012 @ Cambridge Chesterton Indoor Bowls Club just outside Cambridge City Centre (address Logans Way, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1BL).
    Anyone who is interested in attending please contact gary @ Outspoken directly - gary.armstrong at


    Ben from Big Blue Bike.
  • So in effect,you would like to establish some sort of union?
  • Is it wise to invite the London courier community to the Cambridge Chesterton Indoor Bowls Club?Yes, it's a good idea.
    Where is the nearest offy to this gaff?
  • we can stock up in london..... we can bring rob and jacobs cargo bike ;-)
  • As long as the cargo bike looks something like this or this

    Im sure those pensioners can drink us all under the table so come along and try.

    Im not sure this Federation means Union but im sure there will be some discussion of it, or 'why are there no co-op courier companies'?

  • any idea what time this meeting is

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