Creative looking for riders
  • We have a space on the rota opening up. If you want work starting this week, please pop in and see us.
  • i reckon you should just run a thread giving out jobs inna open call style.
  • Pay my moving costs, we can talk. The worst London winter, that's just a warm up for me. A to the mother fuckin' K Alaska.
  • Get some half decent controllers and I'm there....
  • might check that out
  • if it's walking the dogs, or accounting (same thing, actually), i'm in.
  • do creative pay waiting time irrespective of the client?
  • is martin mullins still controlling?
  • Creative do charge waiting time, although obviously some clients have negotiated their own deals. Martin Mullins left a couple of years ago (much missed), and now lives in Berlin.

    Indecent controllers only at Creative, I'm afraid John!
  • "obviously some clients have negotiated their own deals". If a company agrees to pay a rider x amount waiting time, negotiates a deal with a client below that and then passes on the loss to the rider as so many of these "rider friendly" companies do then that has to be a breach of contract. Should they not swallow the cost to keep the business that we are frequently told is soo beneficial to how much we earn? The £1 dockets that are going to be so abundant that you will never be less than ten on board. Only thing is, they are usually fashion returns and two is the limit. Yeah you are really earning then. Most of the time a "BIG" client negotiates a raw deal for the rider and dont put out the work. Patton and the city group are notorious for this. And who foots the bill? The riders.I could get started on another outfit here, who pay you a rate to say Birmingham. If you by a miracle get double up it pays half the docket. I can only assume the client gets charged the same but city sprint, Oops! I've said it, pocket the rest. Should you by an act of god get something coming back you get paid Birmingham rates whitch are shocking. Bill, don't defend an industry as exploitative as this. It is not short of slavery.
  • "If a company agrees to pay a rider x amount waiting time, negotiates a deal with a client below that and then passes on the loss to the rider as so many of these "rider friendly" companies do then that has to be a breach of contract."

    having read the small print of the docs i've signed for courier companies i very much doubt there will be any breach of contract. completely agree with the rest.
  • I know but usually waiting time is stated as a fixed sum. And as for breach of contract. Good luck.
  • I mean what can you do? Unless you want to go through a lenghty and expensive legal process that might amount to nothing, you are at their mercy really. Like I said, Swallow the shit dockets and get on with it. Well you shouldn't have to. This is what annoys me about Bills stance on it.
  • Sorry, Mike, what is my stance on it? Did I say I thought it was ok? On the other hand, what can I do that I haven't done already, apart from resign in protest? In which case, are you going to pay my rent & bills?
  • Ok Bill. You got the job. You can be my bitch.
  • It is not "obviously". Because then you accept it. Your stance on a plate.
  • What's your point, Mike? I genuinely don't understand.
  • Well ok then. You accept that a rider signs a "paper" stating a fixed rate for dockets and waiting time etc. Then the company said rider works for negotiates a deal with some two bob media outfit and cuts the rates for the rider. That is breach of, unfortunately, paper. What I mean is, that for you to say that "obviously some clients have negotiated their own deals" means you agree with the practice.
  • Or you could explain yourself. Maybe a bit touchy though.
  • Bill. You are not stupid and I like you. I think what you have done for the messenger community over the years is worthy of of our deepest respect. Let's have a chat on friday.
  • mike, i agree with the essence of your point but as far as i recall every "contract"* i ever encountered included a clause stating that the company could whatever they liked with regards to charging of clients: the rate for dockets and waiting time was never fixed at any company i worked for, there were statements as to what i should expect for minimums (£2.50 in 2003 fuckyouverymuchpatton) but that was contradicted by small print.

    *i suspect that if you ever took said piece of paper to an actual solicitor it would be laughed at as a legal document.
  • Mike, the question was asked as to whether Creative pays waiting time. The answer is yes, with some exceptions.

    If the poster (Creative Couriers) had said anything else, it would have been untrue. I don't really want to come on here and start posting either positive or negative stuff about Creative, as it puts me in a very uncomfortable position, either way. If I post positive stuff about Creative, I can't then get involved in policing other disputes on this forum regarding other companies, as I would be open to accusations of bias (which is why, if you notice, I also try not to post directly negative stuff about other companies - apart from Special Delivery). I have in the past been approached by representatives claiming to speak for courier companies mentioned on this forum, asking if I would remove certain content in return for donations to the LCEF or similar. I haven't complied. That's one side of it.

    The other side of it is that I am actually employed by Creative, so I risk losing my job if I a. post commercially privileged information about Creative, or b. make unsubstantiated negative comments, or indeed, any unwarranted (in the opinion of my boss) criticism of the company. I am comparatively lucky in that my boss broadly supports my extra-curricular activities, so it has never come up.
  • I know your position Bill and I respect your integrity. Always have. It was just the wording that I picked up on. "Obviously", in this context means Love it or leave it. As for you being offered donations for censorship is fucking appaling. It is a no-brainer who it might have been. This thread is rapidly entering red top land.
    @sleepy I to have signed numerous contracts but never one that states a rate but pays another. Maybe I was lucky.
  • In case you you are still thinking, it was marc patton on behalf of CS. My words. Not Bill.
  • Oh, before I forget. Pikey is now in charge of recruiting at CS (desperate times) and apparentky gets £200 a rider that he finds. Or so he says. So if you go to work for the cunts make sure you get him to buy you a pint.
  • And will their riders get their £25 for the CRB check refunded now they have an ex jailbird working for them?
  • i forgive pikey his numerous and injurous sins for the fact that he threw a plate of cakes at addy lee's board of directors at a christmas party.
  • Porno is right.I witnessed Pikey putting City Sprint's recruitment drive into action.It was like watching a big cat stalk it's prey before moving in for the kill.Whether City Sprint are employing road sweepers at the moment is a question only they can answer.
  • Watch the circuit rise from 50 to 70 riders and everyone will be £200 a week worse off.
    Are you blind Pikey!?
  • Haha.. that's why he asked me if I'd ever considered working for CS!
  • 30mins unpaid waiting time is a bit much though
  • anyone wanna post examples of their "contracts" (personal details redacted obvs)? just for the lulz like :bigsmile:
  • That's only one client. No other client has the same deal.
  • 30 mins unpaid, robbing a rider of a full half hour of circuit time with no compensation is pretty despicable IMO.
  • Since when has Creative Couriers needed to advertise for riders? What happened to the 5 person cover list.
  • 'What happened to the 5 person cover list.'

    They make more cash selling crack cocaine on Creative Corner.
  • Half an hour of unpaid waiting time is absolutely disgusting.

    Shame on Creative. There is no excuse for that.
  • "In case you you are still thinking, it was marc patton"

    It wasn't.
  • How much did you get for that!!??
  • Nothing, apart from a good laugh when I reread the citysprint thread in which he posted all that stuff... :wink:

    probably this forum's finest hour!
  • Bill bought be beer
  • just thought Id mention that
  • We have some space on the rota. Ideally for a cargo bike rider.
  • if i was you id go 4 it the best company ive ever worked 4 well apart from Lightning me and Lance had EPO in are tea,shocker
  • I would love to do it but my bike has a front brake.

    Hey Porno...why are you so uptight about the rates? Yes they are shit and thats the way the market has gone, is going. No one makes you be a courier.
  • I think that may well be the dumbest question ever.
  • Working holiday in London...can I use my own bike?
  • Bill:"I have in the past been approached by representatives claiming to speak for courier companies mentioned on this forum, asking if I would remove certain content in return for donations to the LCEF or similar. I haven't complied."

    But you did delete Patton's posts in the City Sprint thread or am I grossly mistaken?
  • they are here somewhere.........

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