couriers wanted to road test a bag
  • Bumped into a bloke who's keen to give a bag or two to working couriers to be road-tested.His name is Silas Grant and runs a company called Bedoin.He is very keen for this to happen,if you're interested contact him:silas@bedoinfoundry.

    It's the messenger bag and I've checked it out,very well made but judge for yourselves.If you need anymore info contact him.I'm drunk...
  • How much?! Fuck me.
  • I think the idea is that the rider gets the bag free as long as it gets used on the road.
  • il take mine in Barbary Tan with a swanky red interior plesase
  • It looks sturdy and that will help carry all the shit people will give you for slinging packages in a "gucci man-purse".
  • So did anyone get a reply from this guy?
  • bounced, sent one direct to website, fuckall..!

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