• Back in my time of doing a job that i consider to be a nice little earner average wages were 300 up to 450
    Is it still the same
  • Depends who you work for and how your speed / safety / knowledge / bike setup ratio works out.
  • Charlie alpha bravo delta echo foxtrot gulf Roadhill what is bike set up ratio and how dose that have anything to do with what you earn?
  • The Charlie Roadkill post kindly introduced the ratio of [speed+safety+knowledge+bike setup=earnings]...
    I've got a feeling that you knew this already and were being sarcastic.
    I've also got a feeling that peeps with an extraordinary sense of humour will quickly find a way to take the piss and can find some way to take the piss out of this post.

    Guys & Gals don't let me down, I'm counting on you!!!
  • Well I usually get Sainsbury Taste the Difference jam but may have to change to Basics

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