Good companies
  • Does anyone know anything about courier company 'Control-1' ?
  • What,this lot?
    They look shite!
  • -As far as I personally can see- you're best bets for good companies are City Sprint (who seem to be back on track, payslip-wise), Mach 1 (a.k.a. formerly Reuter Brooks) and Excel. Feel free to add to this list. You can say what you want about these companies but most of the top earners I know seem to be working for them. CS and M1 both require a certain level of experience, as far as I know and I've done time for both of them. If you're not capable of at least 25 dockets a day, every day, I'd wait till you are (for those who haven't messengererered before).

    I know plenty of messengers who are earning what could be considered a decent wage, relatively speaking, at other companies but the three I mentioned seem to have the most consistency. Please ammend as appropriate.
  • their website doesn't work properly and i bet the telephonist doesn't actually work there. if she does she definitely doesn't put out.
  • What,the old one?I would.
  • ^this is jokes innit^
  • lol. I'm a beginner anyway, haven't messengered before. But I also don't really want to start at shite company..

    Also CYC are recruiting at the moment, just sent an enquiry if they would concider recruiting a beginner..

    I also love the idea of riding a tricycle lol (zero couriers) but they don't even reply to my emails, which is annoying
  • Emailing doesnt really help. Get down there, talk in person.
  • But they said on their website 'if you're looking for a job riding with us, email us your details'..
    I will go there in person then..
  • Always always go in in person, you'll likely get hired on the spot
  • Oh yeah, and probably best to 'massage the facts' about your C.London knowledge if you're not to up on it ;) You'll learn quickly enough on the job
  • Thanks Festerban I will go there tomorrow and talk in person
  • And CYC are ok. Last I know they give a 300 guarante. Think it still stands. I broke it many a time and nice enough people to work for.
  • "I also love the idea of riding a tricycle lol (zero couriers) but they don't even reply to my emails, which is annoying "

    Consider yourself lucky. Never, never, never , never work for Zero.
  • Are we to take it that you no longer work for Zero or are you having a laugh?
  • Guys, what's wrong with Zero Couriers?
  • Zero job satisfaction.
  • Zero job satisfaction? o.... what does that mean..
  • ask jon satisfaction
  • haha! certainly don't as me!
  • zero offers no satisfaction.
  • Well.. only woman can satisfy me
  • Hey im new to this site and hopefully am going to be a courier for Churchill express by the end of the week.

    My question is this company any good? Because from what I gather from reading all over this site is that no one works for them or just does not talk about them.

    However a jobs a job. Just want to get some real info on them.
  • "Does anyone know anything about courier company 'Control-1' ?
    Thanks. "

    Thats who I work for, we're hiring at the moment, down on couriers, so that means theres a lot more work for individuals! ring on 02073845837, I can hook you up straight away.
  • Hi guys,

    Im actually travelling with mi fixed from pescara-italy, i got just my courier bag of outlierb and thats it, completely full, 15kg, after this experience that was awesome for me and tnat i almost finksh, i wanna try to work like a courier, i got some chances if i didnt work in anything connected with this???
    Somebody can help me to continue this experience in london??
  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me
  • There are no good companies to work for as a push bike rider.

    How about you come work for the Carter3.5 instead? You only got to fetch my weed n takeaways for me, n occasionally helper dockets cleaning out my flat. N u still gonna be making more than u ever could on circuit on a push bike.

    Just remember not to be in my sight whenever I'm bringing a receptionist/office girl in heels back to the flat. I don't ever wanna see ur face at these times.

    Plz email CVs to

  • You'd need a skip just for your wank tissues
  • Hahahaha

    So thats mean that i shoul send the cv to u?? I will be in london in a couple of days i will send it there now i dont have anything, there is a place were i can go to see or talk to someone about work like a messenger?
    Thanks again,
    I was thinking about work with u carter 3.5, but u should give me 50 percent of ur recepcionists..
  • Unbelievable, all the push 'bikers' whining about low rates and lack of jobs.... The Carter3.5 offers you some good, honest, lucrative work and all you can do is complain about it (buttcheeks).

    Damian, send me your CV as soon as you sorted it out and preferabley a clear photo of you from the neck upwards. I need to know if you have a face that I can trust, if you're going to be carrying my takeaways and weed for me.

    Mobile phone is essential so that I can let you know when to make yourself scarce. The work will all be nights/weekends, as I am knocking out dockets for the G L MOTHERFUCKIN H Mon-Fri daytime.

  • ^bad company
  • Okss!!!

    I will send everything just wen arrive in London, just give me a chance to sit in a chair and not on a bicycle and i will send to you al the stuff that u ask for.

  • Well be quick about it. I'm only looking to recruit one push bike courier at the moment, and being as you'll be treated better than you would as a pushbike rider at any London courier company (you're more useful to me alive afterall), you wont be needing radio/XDA so no weekly charges, and you get one of my old G L MOTHER FUCKIN H courier bags for free, I don't think this vacancy is going to be open for very long.

    Besides I'm sick of running these pissant errands myself. Hardly worth getting my beast fired up for, and I'm pullin so many office birds these days, I just aint got the fuckin time for it. You know how its is... then again... no ya don't!

    Who knows, if you quick enough maybe we can sort out a little bonus scheme for you. Or I heard you pushies prefer Guarantees? How about that?

    Anyway, as for the rest of you sorry ass mugs... I'll see you about tomorrow. N plz remember.... WHEN YOU HEAR THAT BAD MAN G L MOTHER FUCKIN H GET OUTTA THE DAMN WAY!!!! HE'LL RUN YOU DOWN IN CHINA TOWN!!!!!!
  • Carter, the only people that push their bikes are motorbike riders that have broken down.
  • Different courier services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national and global services.
  • Well said harrisonhyden, you've cleared everything up there

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