city sprint
  • who knows all the rider names? past and present!...........
    brian n kevin not included...........sorry chaps you is da controllers!
  • Are you including Security Despatch & On Yer Bike?

    Without the total would still be a hundred odd as there are fifty at present.

    'Push' is the only one from OYB still working 'though special mention due to 'Robbie' 20+ year vet & SD Golden Radio holder at 87 dockets (yes, dockets!!!). Oh, alright then, 'Bada Bing' (retd.) 'nuff said.
  • who you know will show where you worked....boris,plug, me( baldrick),bohen,costain,H,papa cliff,swifty,rhys,pj,the thug,papa eddie,trevor 353, tim 258,frank and eddie briggs,bernard 324 , hamish ( the fox),panda,brian (the builder),neil byfield,john wilson,grant berger,zadi ,
    thats all i can think of at the moment.
    these spread from belgrave square to clerkenwell road
  • Robbie was at On Yer Bike at the same time as me. Ok, he started a year or so after me, but he was with OYB when we were still at Shepherd St.
  • Citysprint?

    Who gives a fuck. It's all about the G L mother fuckin' H!!!!!
  • I'll tell you what, being as Citysprint riders are so famous, I think we ought to suggest "City Sprint Top Trumps" to hasbro. With stats such as "gear ratio" and "record number of dockets in a shift". Definately enough riders for a full deck.
  • everyone carries their Sprint name to the graveeeeeeeeeee
  • Globe Despatch/London & City Carriages/Invoshire...nuff said!
  • Nevermind the bollocks,here's the real City Sprint thread:
  • haha, I was SD, ID to prove it, city sprint, Iv still got the crap fitting jersey.

    Never worked at Creative, was never that lucky.
  • @spirog

    thats a lot of pizza's.
  • I'm having a good week. Are you?
  • Fuck Shittysprint, with dey batty-boi blue outfits. S'all about the G L MOTHER FUCKIN H!!!!!
  • BTW I'm not even a cycle courier. I work on a motorbike, aiming for filtering cycle couriers.... picking them off as they switch lanes so as not to whack their cute little fixie peddles on that curb. i gotcha, I see u..............

  • Carter3.5,
    Thanks, for giving the best possible argument for handgun ownership. Being a guest from Alaska I have different point of view then many of the other members of the forum. Now, when the topic comes up instead of a long back and forth, I can just point to your posts. Thanks again.
  • What is this GLH bollox?
    GOOEY LOAD up your HOLE?

    You must be dripping that shit working for them.
  • Yo Carter, can you give me your strap from your GLH bag, or blag one from their office? My 'indestructible' PAC bag strap is frayin' bad, and I heard GLH are the best company out there, ever, period. Those leatherette bags make me moist
  • So you work for GLH do you. Tell you what, aim for me or any of my mates and I'll have a word with Penny Prosser at GLH and you can go sign on you fucking waste of a computer.
  • mike thats wicked in a good way if you pay monkeys that can fuck right off
  • Pornomike, I hear theres an opening at a certain newspaper company editorial with genious writing like that you're set for life. Classic mate - keep it comin!
  • Well, the profanities may need to go and that would probably weaken my my point.
  • Lol that never stopped Gary Bushell though did it. Mind you, he was / is a complete wanker one of the most nationalistic racist tosspots ever to be given a job. Yeah, I can't imagine a Mike article without the word cunt in it anywhere, you're right there matey!!!

    You can tell them whatever you like, aint no one gonna be firing the Carter3.5, he just too valuable to the company, splattering rival cycle couriers ito the kerb. Aint gonna be nothing left of ya.

    I ran down clients before and got kept on the job.
  • Is 3.5 the length of your willy?
    In centimetres.
  • Clearly is. What did you get X-mas eve last year. " Yeah you can go early but you will lose you garra". That is after earning £6 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, £60 for the week. You are such an idiot. You have never run anybody down. You just have not the guts or the nuts and your dick is too small. I got a case of beer off Penny last year and I will again this year because she is keen on this account. So keen in fact that you would be surplus to requirements. Valuable?? Maybe as a bog brush.
  • I wanted to call him a "douche nozzle" but a real douche nozzle makes a woman sex organs cleaner where I think Carter's 3.5 of terror would leave them forever soiled assuming of course it were allowed entry in the first place.
  • hmmmmmm 3.5!!
  • Wait a minute... you wanted to call me... a douche nozzle???

    Don't get it mate.

    OH NO ITS THAT BAD MAN G L MOTHER FUCKIN H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • As for the rest of this redundant shit...

    well i just think u lot got a problem. Sittin on those saddles all fuckin day u aint even able to fuck n thats why u chatting shit about the Carter3.5 on his bad man 650cc.... No problems here.
  • Troll season again?......YAAAAWN! ...zzzzzzz
  • "Douche nozzle" is a popular insult on this side of the pond usually used when someone spews out something bitter and stupid. For example. "Carter 3.5, talking about running people down with his motorcycle, what a fuckin' douche nozzle."
  • Maybe it's because of the size of his bike, just like his penis...not big enough to have traveled anywhere and get some culture...innit?!
  • Breadline bogbrush.
  • Hey Carter,you complete tool,you write like a pisssed up chimp.Fuck off to
    where you can compare IQ's with the rest of the world's limp-dicked arse jazzers.
    Fucking douche nozzle!
  • Maybe he could attach the douche nozzle to the end of his tiny member. It might help him feel a little "bigger".
  • Sorry mugs, I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the Carter3.5 to reply, well I got back late 2day cos I been crusin about on my 650 with a receptionist ridin pillion (then i rode her in Hyde Park) had to nick a crash helmet off someone else's bike, just so I could take her! And she was wearin high heels the whole time!!!!!

    Oh but I forgot u wouldn't know fuck all about that would you, cos u dont be fittin no pussy on the back of a fuckin push bike saddle, do you?

    Muggy little cunts.

  • Yeah, right, you keep telling yourself that Carter. Stay in your fantasy, mental masturbation day trip. I don't see many good looking (and good smelling) veteran motorbike couriers these days...on the other hand, cycle courier vets have a tendency to keep their health, fitness and good looks all year round. You only wish your butt was that tight you could call it a credit card swipe. But it's a good thing you ride a 650, probably the only thing that keeps the lard off the road is that seat and those cheesy leathers you wear all year round...uuummmmm, I bet that receptionist absolutely loved the smell of those on a hot summer's day. Troll...(must remember to not feed the troll)
  • So does anyone remember all of the City Sprint rider names? I think thats what we were talking about. I can think of one - ROADKILL!
  • I've only just stopped cracking up at that hilarious cartoon Bill posted.It points out that someone on this thread is a troll hahahahahaha!
  • carter is a troll! Who would have thought!
  • Big up the Sprint it was bangin' this week
  • Whatever happened to the merger with Courier Sys?
  • I spoke to one of the Sprint m/c'ers involved with Amex work, and he told me something along the lines of some Amex work was gonna be handled by C/Sys that was previously a Sprint account, but thats all I've heard. A very far cry from 'complete merger'.

    I think this tune sums it all up to be honest:
  • Great tune Charles got me tappin the table.How did Notting Hill go?
  • Didnt go, too crowded for my claustrophobic mind!

    Theres plenty of videos on YT of Aba, Channel One, Jah Observer, Gaz's and the other sounds that played Carnival this year, my mates who went said it was nice, lots of plod though due to the media hype about riots and unrest. The floats floated, and the dancers danced, and the paraders paraded.

    I went instead to a killer roots night at Music Bar in Brixton Hill featuring Nick Menasseh and RDK Hi Fi, lots of nice oldies and digi roots, on a sound system run by a guy who knows what he's doing (Mark RDK), a rarity these days. Other than that just chilled out really and enjoyed the weekend.
  • Here is some for all you "back in the day!" junkies

    Wobble wobble, Virgil (who is still on the road), Daisy, Karimore, Zero (although that was his real name) and who can forget Postman Pat and Bradley
  • And

    talking about SD, has anybody heard that the old SD crew are getting together. Rose tinted Specs are optional for those looking back 10 years.
  • Paris your ov not working for CS at the mo you have humanity.
  • Who killed Bambi?

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