Got a question about being or becoming a cycle courier / bicycle messenger? Check for answers here.
  • I now have a job as a messenger. Pray for me.
  • Prayers wont help you now.
  • I thought as much. I'm actually pinning my hopes on peripheral vision and energy bars.
  • andif your in the west there is a place on st Andrews east eyewood use brick lane cycles but get all decent gear CONDOR
  • abnd of course Brixton in da south or JOE in the north
  • what is the best way to attach an xda to my bag?
  • Put it in a phone pouch that's attached to the bag or if it's a smallish one just stick it in your pocket,it doesn't matter if you lose it the company wont charge you or anything like that!:wink:
  • cheers john, tis josh, got a pt job with adl :p
  • Hey Josh,see you out there!
  • I don't mind bad weather, I know my way around, I've got a weird postcode fetish. I frickin' love riding & making sure sh*t gets delivered on time. I would seriously appreciate any info anyone could provide on what to do next. I regularly book cycles in my current job when I think it will be a short run to bump up someones smile factor. I've previously read threads about needing experience and 'turn up in person = being taken seriously'. Any advice (even sarcasm) is welcome. d=]
  • Hello all. I'm from Houston, Texas and worked for Citicouriers there. I arrived in London and have done some riding around and want to ask if there are any positions available for any of the companies here.
  • Therer are some companies mentioned in this thread:
    It's best to see them in person.
  • Thanks for the info overdrive. I've read that post in the past and it seems the advice is still valid. Cheers!
  • Hey
    Tomorow Im going to go on a tour of a few companys and try and get started as a courier:] I know my way around London but not well enough to not be a noob.
    The list so far is courier systems, glh, cds, ecourier, stripe and scream. Recomendations on where to apply/avoid would be apreciated:]
  • @ Rumball. How's it going?
  • Went ok. Went to 9 places and 3 took my number.

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