Official Tour de France History DVD at Lidl £4.99
  • if you were thinking of getting this from Amazon for 13 quid they've got it in Lidl for a fiver in a gift box with free book...when is/was Fathers day?


  • It comes free with a Tour mag too. Though I say free, you'll have to buy the mag I guess.
  • Do you think the DVD has a David Duffield 'off' setup feature?
  • worse, it has a interview with duffers....haven't watched it yet, so I can't review it yet.
  • Christ.. the presenter Sean Kelly.... He says summat like "I was lucky enough to ride 14 tours, if 'lucky' is the right word". Well the DVD is very badly presented by him, if 'presented' is the right word... christ... its unbearable, watching him reading the cue cards improperly, pausing for breath when there's no comma. Looking as if he's pissed on the red wine he's drinking, AND being held at gunpoint, fearing for his life. Good GOD!!!
  • Here's a classic bit of commentary on the Galibier stage of the 98 tour to cheer you up:

    [Leblanc attacks on the Galibier]

    DUFFIELD: and as he comes up here trying to catch our leaders - well the last time check we had they were some 4 minutes ahead -
    ROCHE[excited]: Dave Dave sorry Dave look at the swing there on his BIG ring Dave BIG ring

    [Pantani riding away from Ulrich and catching the escapers - French TV show slow mo of Pantani's back wheel]

    DUFFIELD: quick look at the back wheel of Pantani who looks to be on his last spro-
    ROCHE[interrupting again] about 21 yeah I'd say the gear for the top of this eh Galibier [sic] would be around 39 eeh 22 23 look at the water coming off the chain there Dave
    DUFFIELD: And it bounces from the front wheel up to the bottom bracket and again they have to put the special grease in the bottom bracket to stop the water penetrating and making the ball-bearings all grate grate grate

    [Pantani goes over the top of the Galibier and because of the cross-wind is forced to stop to put on his rain-coat]

    DUFFIELD: He's stopped
    ROCHE[already in a state of high emotion becomes almost incoherent] there look - put - Dave please tell me Dave tell me Dave tell me tell me
    DUFFIELD[slightly alarmed interrupts]: sit down Stephen wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda ptt [starts to laugh nervously]
    ROCHE: please Dave please tell me tell me I haven't seen that
    DUFFIELD [still laughing nervously]: you haven't seen it, it's um its um a figment of your imagination. Stephen Roche has collapsed in the seat beside me dear listener

    [Pantani heads off down the descent, hands off bars trying to close the front of his rain jacket]

    ROCHE [more coherent now]: Why be a climber? Why did God give this guy the gift of climbing ability? Let him take two minutes out of Ulrich going up the hill and stop off nice and casually put my little rain-coat on good job there wasn't hot dog shop or coffee shop there on the side of the hill he could have had a hot dog and a coffee at the same time

    [French TV cuts back to the Ulrich group just as a rider crashes into a camper parked by the side of the descent]

    DUFFIELD: somebody's gone somebody's gone into the camper vans! One of the riders -
    ROCHE: Julich Julich Dave
    DUFFIELD: Bobby Julich! What a disaster for Julich, it looks like he's gone into a camper van, he's lost control of his bicycle and lets hope he's not hurt badly, in fact he's putting his rain-coat on

    [Julich with rain-coat moves off again down the descent apparently none the worse]

    ROCHE: Raincoat again no! Crazy Dave crazy crazy.
    DUFFIELD: It looks like -
    ROCHE[interrupts]: here you are riding for the the the yellow jersey of the Tour de France you're riding

    [French TV show slo-mo of Julich's crash - Julich's rain-coat can be seen clearly flapping over the front of his handlebars as he careers into the side of the camper van]

    DUFFIELD: here it is look he's got his raincoat in his hands he cant put his brakes on its nearly wrapped up in his front wheel Stephen Roche is having a heart attack here
    ROCHE : This is a bike race - this is not pussy-footing around Dave. This is this is unbeleivable Dave. You're riding here for the yellow jersey you're riding for the the gold prize of the biggest cycling event that that exist and the boys are putting on raincoats Dave
    DUFFIELD: Any moment now Stephen Roche will have to have the kiss of life because he's about to have a heart attack. Not with what they're doing going around bends but what they're not doing. We're going to take a short break so you can get your breath back and Stephen Roche can recover from his heart attack."
  • err ..."hold on to your hats", then. Or is that "the kiss of death"?

    "It aint over 'til the fat lady sings".

    If you get the dvd of 'Overcoming', there is even a Duffield chapter on that to skip.

    And watching the Dauphine prologue last night, Duffield introduced it as the Dauphine Libere Criterium International. WTF?!
  • Well, he's got confused cos its proper name is le Criterium du Dauphine Libere.

    "I'm hanging on for grim death."
  • did you type all that out Bill?
  • Yeah, back in 98. Sad, eh?

    "Put your head down and go like stink!"
  • "I reckon he's in for a shout, says he, tapping the side of his nose."
  • Duffers: Sorry to interupt there Sean in this important time trial, but I couldn't help noticing what can only be described as a lump on Armstrong's back. Now is it some kind of aerodynamic aid do you think, to help guide the airflow? Or is it one of those camel back watering systems tucked underneath his skin suit?

    Sean Kelly: Er no, it's his back.
  • lol.

    "And BANG! The man with the hammer's got him."
  • fuckin peanut.

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