• Any decent outfits to recommend for Lunch around town?
  • If your going somewhere fancy, maybe wear trousers and a shirt with some nice shoes. If your going to Burger King, jeans and a t-shirt will do.
  • Make a suit of past sell by date sandwiches and put it on.Go and sit anywhere in central London and wait. The whiff of free food starts to emanate from you.The.Pike will emerge from out of nowhere to keep you company.
    Enjoy your lunch!
  • hello josh r you still up that tree with that tatooooooo south african fellow ?
  • HA HA HO

    Was asking about place to eat? NOM VOM NOM
  • ^Eh?
    Is that latin for something?
  • or maybe the name of a hip new sushi bar?
  • I heard "The Ivy" is quite good.

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