• i heard on the ol, grapevine that cs paid bout £38 per bag! please correct me if im wrong.....
  • So now CS just want to fuck the new guys? Awesome. If its not fair to charge existing riders more, its definitely not fair to charge new riders more. I notice theres still no concept of letting riders keep the bags theyve paid for. How exactly are they going to administer the bag damage anyway? How will new riders prove the bag was trashed when they got it? They end up paying double rental for a previously-fucked bag, and get screwed out of their deposit at the end when CS claim the bag is damaged.

    As for ordering the cross straps, thats basically doing what they should have done all along, and listened to the riders and bought the whole bag, instead of just part of it. Tossers.
  • Pat@pac. How much did CS pay for the bags? From the figures you've seen, is it in any way fair on the riders? I don't expect you to put yourself or your company in a difficult position. However, I think a lot of people out there would like to know. Is it a good deal? Or in fact a deal at all?
  • On post 29 he says £11 a month for a year would pay them off. That means City Sprint must've paid £132 each.
  • Has the X-strap been included in that?:bigsmile:
  • I think that figure was probably without. The storm was only brewing when he wrote that!
  • Yes,whenever CS are mentioned in a thread a shit-storm is sure to follow.
  • £139 a bag is really, really cheap. By the time you have paid for them in CAN$, imported them (paying 30% vat+import duty), wow, that is cheap.

    I don't think it's fair to ask Pat what CS paid. If, and it's a big if, they got a discount, by publicly disclosing the size of that discount, she is f***ing herself.
  • "£38 per bag"

  • "£139 a bag is really, really cheap."

    that's in the ballpark of what i heard the reuters bags came in at.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57LNrtXL7aQ
  • Oooh!
    She's butch!
    I know a few riders who could go for her!
    Personally I reckon they should have got Mark from Metro to do that video. He'd have made an excellent model.
  • A manager at a despatch company we all know and love seriously thought that one of the clips on the X strap was where your toolbag slotted in.
  • Pat Butcher from Eastenders just called, she wants her earings back.

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