• fackin norvern mankeys
  • ^ Bloody southern jessie! :sleepout:

    Anyway, tried one of these bags out this morning:


    Nice bag. But not for £3 a week when you dont keep it. I wouldnt mind buying it for £3 or even £10 a week until paid off. And what if you take a tumble? Bit of a rip or scuff and its "damaged". And however indistructable the bag may be, it aint gonna stay in pristine condition very long, making it "damaged".

    Also... It hasnt got a cross strap?! The attachments are there for the extra strap but it is sadly absent. The lack of the cross strap makes the bag pull to the left (on a left shouldered bag) and it feels like something is missing. Also no radio straps. According to the PAC website, 96% of all PAC bags are ordered with the X cross strap.... :confused:

    Would be happy to buy one at cost price and provide continuing advertising for Sprint, but I dont want to rent one.
  • No cross strap???? And a very very blue shitty sprint looking bag.... ah no, no no no no no!!

  • No cross strap!!! Oh dear. Another backward step. This must be the work of Scott Davies, otherwise known as "the ginger twat from downstairs" or "the guy who makes Mark Patton seem like a nice guy". Were the riders even consulted? Their opinion of what's required in a courier bag? I think not. Consulted? More like insulted.
  • City sprint blue is so like totally....whatever...
  • Can't they get anything right?
    Their exploitative "hire" policy alienates their "employees" and causes no doubt poor service.
    The management order PAC bags without the cross straps.
    What is wrong with these guys?
  • City Sprint are like so totally.... whatever..
  • Mark Patton asked Seamus what bags they should get an he said PAC bags... fuck all was said about a 3squid hire charge... anyone who has been at city sprint for say 5 plus years has been paying 1.50 a week(approx 75 pounds a year) towards a pretty much non existant uniform... (a gillet an a few cotton t shirts is not really value 4 money) i dont think anyone would mind buying the bags off cs at trade .... seems like a money making scheme to me
  • Incidentally, If i have ever seen someone do coke and then shoot his mouth off online, THAT thread is a prime example.
    What a massive, horrible example of a great steaming, puffed-up Londoner. He makes me wish I was born in Nantwich.
  • whats the deal with other companies as regards uniform xda/pda an radio hire.. coz im pretty sure cs is the only mob that do this to this extent... please correct me if im wrong
  • if ya dont want the fucking bag dont take one.. coz you got a perfectly good one.. anyhoo they should pay u 4 the bloody advertising... bet they wont cover yer ticket if you run a red light an get reported coz they recognise the uniform
  • weres Nantwich...
  • never heard of it
  • "i dont think anyone would mind buying the bags off cs at trade .... seems like a money making scheme to me "

    After the first years "hire" CS will have paid off the bags and subsequently will be making a profit off their riders.
    The first year will recoup their outlaying on the bags, and its profit all the way from there.

    (Probably even more. The bags are no way near £200, looks like a PAC ultimate. $200 =£110-£120? cost price? No X strap, no radio shit.?)

  • And the logo is not even embroidered.
  • I think Kev's trying to pretend he's Brian.
    Hasn't got the Geordie/Kiwi twang right yet though.
  • id rather buy my own fucking bag.
    why would i pay to advertise some company that doesnt
    even employ you?arent we self employed?
    i wear whatever the hell i want, if they want riders to wear uniforms,
    then employ them, pay em decently, get em health insurance, holiday pay, ...
    payin for the stupid equipment is already too much.
  • I love the PAC, but I find that it swings annoyingly if I don't have it secured with the X-Strap. At least the CS bags have the necessary attachments, massive pisstake that they're making the riders source the straps themselves.

    And that blue. Wow.

    "if ya dont want the fucking bag dont take one.. coz you got a perfectly good one.. "

    Scatha, AFAIK these bags will be mandatory unless you have back problems and need to use an Ortlieb. I think we're going to be seeing alot of back problems springing up suddenly...
  • what does AFAIK mean excuse my ignorance
  • scatha, as far as i know AFAIK means as far as i know.
  • can i get away wit it on religious grounds coz its FUCKING HUN BLUE!!!!..... im gonna ask 4 a green and white one! x
  • what would be nice would be a proper goretex an some cycling tops (i for one sweat like a priest in a playgrond at the best of times)think me an ginger bollocks gonna really fall out over this shite
  • BTW Brian is in Austailia.......
  • "cheap transfer that will last 5 minutes!"

    Actually a sewn on patch, but yeah wont last long. (damaged) :sad:
  • What I would like to know is, does Pat at Pac know what kind of shit deal she has put "shitty skint" riders in? I like to think no. Also, it would be nice to know the actual cost of the bags.
  • It would be good kudos if Pac turned around and said ' oi, shitty skint, take yer money, we'll keep the bags, cos we dont our product connected with your bad companys ethos.'
    I for one will boycott the sale of Pac in favour of another company.
    Im not a courier any more but feel i still have to show my support for the likes of those still doing the daily grind and even if they choose to look like a fraggle rock cast member.
    Anybody else willing to put their mark to this impromptue petition and show solidarity to those at the sharp end?
    I'm sure Pat at Pac(quote porno) would like to see a favourable outcome.
  • Are we forgetting that PAC are a business? Yes, there seems to be a few exengers working there, who no doubt still care that their products are being used in the name of (relative) fairness, but you expect a legitimate business to go "oi, shitty skint, take yer money, we'll keep the bags, cos we dont our product connected with your bad companys ethos"[sic] and then boycott them if they don't?

    PAC's responsibility is to make great bags; reliable products that messengers can depend on, with craftsmanship that will really last, long after the Bagaboo's X-Strap has necessitated tying together with plastic tyes and questionably sourced bits of string, still going strong eons after your Chrome bag's seat belt buckle has broken and the flaps and compartments reduced to shreds of tatty fabric which flap feebly in the wind. If a client buys a large order of something and the vendor suspects the product will be used for (actual) large-scale corruption or serious human harm, I'd heartily commend them on pulling out. However, some people around here seem to think that the PAC bulk sale application form should contain a box where the client must fill out the finer details on how they plan to relay the finances of the deal on to their riders, with weekly rates and profit margins etc.

    I'll happily stand corrected by PAC on this point, but there's an ethical company which uses good quality ethically-sourced materials, treats it's workers well and stands to serve the messenger scene with lasting, durable products made with passion, and then there's this fairytale company that'll ring up City Skint two weeks after shipping out a bulk order because "sorry, it's just that our opinions clearly differ on what a fair rate to riders is, so we'll just be taking those bags back and the money will be back in your account tomorrow morning".

    This is Shitty Sprint's deal, not PAC's.
  • I stand corrected on my comment. It wash rash and ill-formulated. I have no problem with the fact that Pac fulfilled a bulk order to the specs that was asked for. Like you say, it's a business. What I meant to say was, would they do the same deal again. Knowing what they now do. Again, I like to think not.
  • Oh yeah. merv6-t6 is clearly a moron
  • I dont think Fraggle Rock had a cast.
  • How do you boycott a sale?
  • I know, I'm being a cunt.
  • he may not be bright but at least he's heat treated :wink:

    re: "pac are a business"- yes, they are, they are also (IMO of course) considered the very top brand of courier bags. any brand of that prestige is worth protecting and the CS bags won't exactly do it any good. lots of companies do want to get a feel for their clients before agreeing to deal with them and how much their products will be sold on for- talk to anyone in the bicycle trade about stocking new bicycles from A list brands if you want to know more about it.

    a petition/boycott is fucking stupid but i would hope the fact that anyone would even suggest such a thing would act as a wake up call to pac.

    *awaits response from pac rep*
  • "any brand of that prestige is worth protecting and the CS bags won't exactly do it any good"

    Hmm. I wonder how -badly- this is going to actually affect PAC as a company. If anyone's got any sense, they'll see that PAC have done nothing really wrong here - and that it is in fact City Sprint who are fully deserving of any bad press that comes out of this. While several replies in this thread cast a doubtful light upon my idea of what 'good sense' is, I don't see how this will/should tarnish PAC's reputation as -the- superior messenger bag company, on any significant scale.

    I'm thinking that people* are going to see the bag, display a facepalm reaction to the colour, be a little bemused at the lack of extra straps (especially considering the presence of the appropriate fittings), topped off by a big ol' garish cheaply applied CS logo, and shake their heads at the dismal work CS have done here - not jump right to the source as the problem. And that's before they find out about the financial side of things. Not to mention that CS have a pretty shakey reputation amongst couriers in general.

    Hopefully I'm right here.

    *people who's opinion on such things have some sort of relevance within this context - messengers, basically.
  • "*people who's opinion on such things have some sort of relevance within this context - messengers, basically." You wanna be careful there mate. Everyone is entitled to a voice no matter what. I do take the piss out of opinions (or try to)but I do not deny anybody a say. If you in your SA way of thinking believe that to have any say here is to be a messenger then I'm not surprised Terreblanche is dead.
  • Oh shit. Just realized. Your'e Canadian are you not? Still, the argument is still there
  • What I was trying to get at is that the only people who's opinions here -matter to PAC- are messengers, really, and I suppose messenger companies to a smaller degree. What's your average fashionista's opinion of the new CS bag going to mean for PAC?

    Bloody Welsh... :wink:
  • My Catherine Hamnet is still going strong. I dont need an X strap as it always stays put and everything else is neatly strapped with gaffa tape and Im lucky not ever to have worked for CS apart from a stint when they were SD.
    Added features are the double fastners which allow you to close the straps on the bag even when the bag is wide open.
    Dunno what the Pacs are like..i dont even notice other bags.
  • "What I was trying to get at is that the only people who's opinions here -matter to PAC- are messengers, really, and I suppose messenger companies to a smaller degree."

    as an exenger run company making a product primarily for messengers i would hope that they would take an interest in their product being forced upon riders who then have to pay an unreasonable sum under unreasonable terms. it's worth noting that it's technically illegal in employment law to force a piece worker/non-PAYE non-employee to wear any kind of uniform, if the riders were proper employees then it would be illegal to make them pay for it.

    congratulations pac- you are now the tool of the gangmasters.:clap:

    "What's your average fashionista's opinion of the new CS bag going to mean for PAC?"

    the corner cut CS bags will definitely decrease the exclusivity, while your average fashionista won't jump at the source they may well wish they'd gone to one of the many other custom bag outfits for their personalised >£300 macbook pro carry case.
  • I get what you're saying, and I think in a perfect world PAC would have the luxury of being in a position to get down to the nitty gritty of how the bags will be dealt out to the riders. But how much can you expect a company to delve into these matters when completing a sale? A bit? A lot? Especially when dealing with City Sprint, who probably had everything to hide.

    I'd commend PAC enforcing a consistent 'transparency policy' when dealing in bulk, but for a company of their size I don't know how realistic that is. I'd be sorely disapointed if they didn't give a toss, but I won't be directing any blame their way just because City Sprint decided to take a duff route with the bag situation.
  • I'm with Alex on this one. Pac sold a lot of bags to a company across the Atlantic ocean. A company they can't possibly know much about. Are they expected to turn business away on the strength of some comments on a forum. If they did we most likely wouldn't be discussing this right now. Like I said before, I hope they reconsider doing business with CS again. But there's not likely to be much more of that, considering CS are already coining £150 per year per bag for the next ten years or so. And the odd £200 deposit withheld. Do the maths.
  • The PAC cupability thing (they are not guilty of anything) is a side issue. The real issue as I see it is the complete and utter rip off that is this CS bag business.
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/23855340@N05/4497216599/
  • The plot thickens...
  • how bout this!!!????
  • Fcuk CITY SPRINT!! if they cant rob a rider one way they will be sure to cook up another way to rob em!
  • Welcome back Mr Pike
  • i worked for SD then City Sprint for about 8 or 9 nine years never had much of a problem with them,well apart from being sacked twice-it was the booze years!thoose 8or 9 years were some of the best paid workin on the push bike and the controlling was great.One fifty or three quid aweek aint that much but ithink its fair for the rider to keep the kit after he or she has paid cost-like creative cyclone ect .PS can you still average 80 to 90 notes aday or am i living in the past

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