• thanks to Dave & Matt for taking the time to talk with me this evening outside the Foundry, Old Street
    Had my bike pinched this evening outside 65 Kingsland Road, Pic here. http://tinyurl.com/667ccn

    Gutted. Just another statistic Im sure but if you see it around i'd surely appreciate the tip-off.

    Likely if the thieves have any sense they'll be pulling it apart. But u never know...

    thanks, Elliott
  • Good luck Elliot, I was there too when you came to the Foundry.
  • thanks man,

    actually, believe it or not, bike just spotted & recovered over on Charltte street, W1

    Called police - not interested really. Started cutting thru lock when "recent owner" came out onto street asking what we were doing to his bike. Asked him how long he had owned it. "Bought it yesterday... Brick Lane..." Gave it up without question, apologising

    Bit shocked really, but much happier !! :-)
  • I came out of the office and Ben was watching you cutting the lock off with that angle grinder when the guy came over. Neither of us thought to question you cutting the lock off with an angle grinder..

    (If you havent seen it, heres the movie I was talking about: http://www.neistat.com/movies/bikethief/index.htm )

    Anyway, glad you got it back...
  • Well done, mate : )
  • "Bought it yesterday... Brick Lane..."

    f***ing muppet.
  • i stood on brick lane sunday (while the misses was in a shop) and watched a crack head sell 3 different fixies. unbelievable fucking cheek.
  • pappa that wasn't a crack head that was OVERDRIVE

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