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  • I've been told to pass on there are more t-shirts so let everyone know. Sadly Dazzler didn't qualify for a payout. He was riding home drunk after being in the pub for 5 hours after work. Speedfast took him out with a head on shirt front. Kids don't drink and ride and stay off crack because it's wack. Zack is cleaning up the streets...

    Speedfast wins
  • And to crash right outside his own office. Shocking.
  • Yeah and you just had to get a sly shot of your bike in there innit. love it.. Zach 'I've got a brand new Bianchi Pista' Spacefeast

    You know when someone says they're gonna 'double lock' they usually mean to another bike, not just their own..
  • Dazzlers arm was safely removed from his anus.

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