London's Calling August 22nd-24th
  • this is what it is
  • Bad Man would like to know how much dis ting is goin' cost to enter.
  • We'll be publishing full details online next week but a ticket for the whole weekend with guaranteed entry into all the events (and including a beautifully designed London's Calling t-shirt) will set you back only 20 british sterlings.
  • I'm not sayin much, or I'll jinx myself like last time.

    But I reckon 3 days in london (inc. train fair there and back) would cost me about £80
  • Hey, Iron you coming down tomorrow?
  • Hopefully. It depends how bad I'm feeling tomorrow. i've got some sort of chest-restricting disease.
  • london's calling is gonna be fu*kin wicked
  • That graphic is... amazing. Fucking good job.
  • If there is someone coming from out of London,please let us know and we will provide you with accomodation.

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