stolen bike in hackney
  • on saturday night i had my blue track bike stolen in clapton. is the bike i use everyday for work, some of you have probably seen it(slopping,goldtec hubs on mavic open pros,riser bars...). today, sunday, i saw a bloke with fucking hipster look riding it in stocke newington church street, so i started running after him but couldn't catch him(i guess running it's not my thing...) so i'll keep eyes open coz i live in the area, but if you guys see this bastard riding my bike, give me a call or try to stop him or whathever you feel like....
    dan 07850145024

  • Hey amigo, will keep an eye out in the local hood. Besides being *ahem* a fashion victim bastard, how did this above mentioned guy look?
  • Cross posted to London FGSS forum. More eyes the better.
  • I live in Stokey, I'll keep an eye out for it. I got my brand new bike stolen a month ago in Hackney, I know your pain intimately. Definitely check out Brick Lane, that's supposed to be where alot of stolen bikes end up. Check gumtree too.
  • my sympathy dan. You have my eyes in the Hackney Central area. To someone who's not a great bike distinguisher, are there any distinguishing marks? What do you suggest I use as 'evidence for suspicion' when I try to confront him?
  • Sh!t man.that scuks...I am in the Czech write now, so cannot really help. But once I am back will check in Mile End.
    You know I am good at finding stolen bikes...I am the bikehunter!u will get your bike back!......ok,it is not funny...
    good luck.
  • Some of the londonfgss forumengers have seen the bike in Stokey too.

    See here:
  • It's possible that if some guy is blatantly riding it around in the same area it was nicked that it was quickly pushed on to a stranger, who was either idiotically unaware of the situation, or dubious but went ahead with the sale all the same. This would be good news, as it's likely it'll be spotted time and time again. Do not hesitate to accost this person. I've seen people riding the same model as was stolen from me, but was never in a position to chase after them. Like I said, good luck with this man, and I live in the area so will keep my eyes firmly peeled.

    There are people out there who will challenge people if they're seen riding a bike reported stolen. The day I bought my replacement bike (same model as the stolen one, LeMond Etape) I was straight back to work when I bumped into Dazzler, before making his acquaintance, and I had to explain myself.

    Though I doubt he would have decked me if he had been suspicious. Too much of a pansyboy :fingersear:
  • @ fro I knew it was you with your new bike you muppet, there aren't that many couriers with dreads riding pink Lemonds you know?

    Good luck Dan, sounds like there's a chance you might get this one back
  • dan- have you reported this to the police? if the bicycle is recovered can you prove ownership? if so i would advise taking pictures into bike shops, it's a classic when someone who knows nothing about bicycles comes in with a very nice customised bike and asks you to replace "these weird little pedals". if the picture's on the wall and the police have been notified it's easy to recover it.

    if it's not reported and the bike is recovered with force then you could be looking at a charge for mugging- and he'll keep the bike.
  • hey! thanks to everyone for help and support. definetly it looks like this guy bought the bike lives around so i think there are some chances to get it back. i couldn't spot him so well but it was a tall guy with beard. and yes it's been reported to police and today i will be getting in touch with some local shops. so lets see if there is any luck. anyway thanks to everyone again!
  • i've had my fair share of bikes robbed so i feel your pain. although what i find more shocking is how many people live round stoke newington. bonkers. anyway, i'll keep my eyes peeled too.

    although if i find your bike first i'll be sticking at least one brake on it before returning it...
  • 3 people think my LeMond is pink. Why? It's so damn fuckin red.

    I put a blue tire on it, which shouldn't look good but just does. And with the NY D-lock it's like primary colours. Pretty.

    Who else lives in Stokey? I do...
  • i used to ride my red colnago with a yellow back tyre and blue front tyre :shades:

    i don't live in nappy valley.
  • You go girl.
  • i have lived in stokey since 92 when i became a courier - i really love change, me.
    I used to ride a red and blue Condor and had my balls enameled to match. Sadly no-one ever got to see :cry:
  • I live near Stokey and purposely bought a pram with FOUR wheels for my new as not be confused with one of "them"..
  • what frame is your pram? i think i saw a green dolan with red tires the other day. the dad was doing track-stand bottle feeds, was that you?
  • well, happy month after i got the bike stolen i managed to get it back! big thanks to martin(brick lane cycles), he spoted it locked in finsbury park, wait for me there and stayed with me till we recovered it..THANX!!
    so finally the losses are a mini d lock, time attac pedals and few spoke cards. nothing really important after all...
  • that's great news. was it locked up? did you cut it off or wait for whoever had it?
  • Did I pass you on Stokey Church St yesterday dan?
  • bookerT! I hate thieves! by the way martin is funkin ace 4 that! big up you boy!
  • Wicked news Dan.Nice one Martin!:clap:
  • That's awesome. I love it when that happens. Nice work, 77!

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