• It was what it was when I was eating someones old prêt out of a bin liner or having a smoke on the caked, matted streets and I was wondering what it was when you see all the bieks on the Criminal Mass ride and how it seemed to have been all swallowed up by all the smiling hi-vis offingers with the Smith and Wesson bieks all cocked and ready to pull a nasty skid all over your life or world if you go through one of the red lights or do a bunny hop or something. I wouldn’t say anything but if I did I’d say how about get a Boris wig and then you’d have the best part of a proper pair of tits on your head blueboy or something.

    What is it or what would it be when you get run over and you get to the meet the great controller in the sky and someone will maybe put a white biek off of ebay there and some flowers or candles or something. I was wondering what it is that would drive a man to speak wrong of those dead meesengers or travellingers and cuss them and call them and actually say they were splattered and that they were gone because they didn’t put into employ some obvious and long learned skill and that they were the problem. Some meesenger or exninger said what it is to slice up and pack the body of these men into two separate and distinct pieces and that docket money would be paid for each drop. I didn’t think anything but if I did I would have thought that this is the docket I’ve been waiting for my whole fukcing life and to use the money to get a bettr biek and the way to more dockets.

    I was sitting or standing getting dry or warm under a *colossal* warm fan near the wood street gutters and one of the meesengers told me they went to Vine Hill for something and some kappa or adidas dreg skanginger had put a sharp dirty blade near his ribs and said that Daddy was watching through the window and to be a good boy or some new claret shirt design for him or something. I didn’t say anything but if I did I would have maybe said the days of all dukes and counts are numbered on chipped black balls and to get potted up Old Street instead where the sun is big and strong and the beer is natural like grasses in a breeze or apples falling from a tree or love or something.
  • Darkoballs......
  • Wicked stuff!
  • Yes,you would say that!
  • Fuk Zack Ronnie is where it's at!
  • true, true. seen.
  • the horror..

    you dont scare me ronnie. Little fakengers, little fakengers let me come in
  • seeya later terminator..

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