Give this courier hater some gip
  • I think he sums up a large section of the courier community and the fakengers quite well, and if he doesn't like what he sees so what?
    I used to work on the door of a Glasgow Nightclub where the Head Bouncer dressed in an S.S. uniform every halloween and it's true what they say:
    There's no such thing as bad publicity.
  • Don't feed the troll.
  • "Italian lycra-clad rapists" wtf? i wonder who he saw to get inspiration for that?
  • jos- blatently.
  • gotta thank you mr sicleest- that guys blog is wicked! :bigsmile:
  • That "i hate Avril Lavigne"entry is very funny.Read her quotes!:crazy:
  • the courier post seems to have disappeared.......
  • They hate us so much they erased us!
  • Nice work! Those comments obviously shamed them into retracting the post.
  • GOOD!! some people Eh?!!
  • The original text, thanks to Google's cache:

    "I was starting to worry that my capacity for vitriolic rage and hatred was depleting of late. Then, on my way to work today I saw something that brought it all rushing back. Bicycle couriers.

    These specimens are a filthy sub breed, dare I say unter menschen. They congregate in central London with their stupid bikes with mini handlebars and they drink raucously on the streets dressed like gabba ravers from Bristol or Italian lycra-clad rapists. They get drunk then do wheelies while all their decrepit friends cheer like a pride of gibbons in the Savannah.

    But their greatest sin is the way in which they clearly consider themselves to be a sort of SAS of postal services, an elite force. While, in fact, they are a load of dossers who realised they could make money jumping lights, bunny hopping over curbs, swearing at cars, not stopping at zebra crossings and generally being total cunts.

    I can’t wait for the day I get to witness one of them being slowly crushed under the wheels of a large white van after going the wrong way up a one-way street."

    I think he should have left it up with all the comments instead of cowardishly withdrawing it

    If I wrote something that offended lots of people I would either stick by it and argue back or apologise, but theres no way I would delete it.

    In theory anyway.

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