I'm having a party and you're all invited
  • bonjour

    me and justa wont be able to make it, there is something good on telly that day. but dont worry we will be there for your 20th!!
  • it depends of what beer there is going to be.
  • we will come i'll throw the telly out the window.let us do the catering!
  • If it's that program on how to deal with cannabis related paranoia, i can tape it for you....
  • actually it was about weddings, but there boring.
  • Who said anything about beer?....it's my party, cider only :jumping:
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/11103906@N04/2404478738/
    i'm coming
  • I'm coming too...au revoir :swingin:
  • im bringing the vodka!
  • I remember my 10th anniversary. It was the day The Birmingham Six got out after a bigger fit-up than Silver Surfer experienced in Glasgow.
    I hear Tam's 20th anniversary party was a decent occasion.
  • "I hear Tam's 20th anniversary party was a decent occasion."

    thanks :wink:

    what happened to darren in glasgow? knowing the feller i find hard to imagine him being fitted up for anything, he's guilty of everything.
  • of course i'm coming to this party- my exams will have just finished so it'll be :were'sthefuckingdrinkssmilie?:
  • The 10years on the road alleycat is coming your way...saturday the 24th May...meet at the Foundry round 3 for an afternoon alleycat sponsored by la francaise (flyers coming soon,you'll understand)Wookie's putting it together so get your energy levels up (alleycat's a fiver and that includes the party afterwards), prizes by Brick Lane cycle, Condor, House of Pistard, Bailey works, Skin Grows Back and more...finish at the Foundry and party afterwards at The Chats Palace on Brooksby Walk E9...we get the place from 5 so people can come and hang out after the race,there's a bar inside and a piece of park across the road.
    The party's a fiver also for people who didn't enter the race...starting from 8, there will be bands, DJ and i'm compiling my favourite tunes. And also the track standing darts will make a triumphant return hosted by Wayne "the pike".
    What else? oh yeah, all profits go to The London Courier Emergency Fund. We'll also be selling L.C.E.F T-shirts so see you there.:boogie::smoking:
  • DARTS!!! DARTS!!! DARTS!!! cant wait for this steff! x
  • Wow, this sounds super-aaaawwweeeesssome! Hopefully we back in time...in a reasonable condition...
  • It's a point race, you have to complete several manifests.
    You will be given one manifest at the time and you have to come back to the start line after completing it. Upon return of the first rider, we will start the clock and there will be limited time for the following racers to pick up their next manifest; whoever doesn't make it within the time limit, will be out of the race.
    Each checkpoint is worth 10 points..there will be a possibility to pick extra points on route....THERE'S A 50 PONTS BONUS FOR WHOEVER DRESS FRENCH.
    In case two or more riders have the same amount of points, whoever finishes all their manifests first, will be the winner.
  • Sorry I cannae be there but congrats on the decade!
    hope the alley and the purty party go swimmingly.
    catch ye in a couple of weeks or so.
  • Hope the race went well, and see you all there in a bit.
  • Hey, Sorry I missed but i've had tonsillitus, a chest infection and now the mumps.... all in the space of a week and a half. Hope it was good, lemme know when I finally make it back on the road. I say muff to this self employed bollocks!
  • Oh my head ....

    Nice party.:swingin:

    My flat smells like the inside of an old messenger bag, tho. And someone left a bottle of whiskey in the kitchen.
  • Sorry we stayed so late.It was still raining too.Cheers.
  • Xander found another bottle of whiskey when he got home. No wonder we were f***ed!
  • Did anyone lose a phone?

    Pikey gave me one he found there.. he's got no net at the moment if you wondering why he's gone quiet.

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